labay-labay kag kawiti-witihan..

actually, i don’t really know what to write.
i just feel i need to write something here.
so, i need to think of something to share.

okay. okay.

i’ll just share random thoughts or whatever here.


-i really want to have the song “hey soulsister” by train but unfortunately i can’t download its full song.
(grrrrrrr. hell with the internet connection)
i always sing it, but all i know is the part “hey soulsister…..mister…on the radio..oh.oh”
(ginakumod ko nalang ang part nga indi ko bal-an,hehe)

-i’m so excited with the SONA protest tomorrow. I really want to be there, i love it every time I think I’m doing something worth it.

-“watching The Notebook makes me want to fall in love again” is the last message I receive tonight. I’m wondering what’s with the movie that makes her think of falling in love again. Actually I don’t have any idea about the movie. But, Love is an overused word and “i love you” is an overused phrase. I’m so over being in love.

-my friend called me a while ago just to tease me with my ex. i find it very weird but funny.

-in the middle of writing this blog, i got bored.

-i have 2 apples left here in my table and i don’t know what to do because I don’t want to eat it anymore.

-i’m so happy seeing my mom and my sister earlier. woooh. after so long. we stroll around SM city and bought a lot of stuff. (tiba-tiba)

-i wanna go back to boardwalk, eat japanese corn, bike, walk, and chat with my cousin.
i really enjoy the company of Rheza. we talk a lot of nonsense things and laugh out loud.

-I find him very handsome. well…indi mabasol…

there are so many things i want to do but right now i think i need to sleep
and inorder for me to gain weight i should rest early.

i forgot to say that i want to be fat any time soon.

so this is good night…zzzzzzz


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nuelene says:

    sin.o ni nga handsome day?

    ang sotech? hehehe

  2. danajord says:

    you got it! 😀

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