maybe, maybe…

“two old friends meet again, wearing older faces, talk about the places they’ve been.”

It’s been a while since they separated ways, they decided to walk on different paths to search for happiness and contentment.
They thought that what they have was just a game, a game that they need to end for they are both hurting each other.

“two old sweethearts who fell apart somewhere long ago…”

Before the split they were very happy. You can see the overflowing happiness in their eyes when they’re together.
They love each other that even the oddest odd can’t separate them.
Love…a big word for two young people right?
But actions were good speakers, what they did can really make you believe they were.
Even tough they did not even understand what it really meant,
at a young age,
they thought that being together everyday, kissing, cuddling, saying “I LOVE YOU FOREVER” while running under the rain and lots of sweet things meant they were in “love”.

But after those happy moments, they got tired.
Tired of doing that things everyday, tired of doing nothing but looking at each other.
They realized that life is not just about the “love” they have, it is something more serious that at their young age, it’s too hard to comprehend.
They started fighting.
The happy,sweet and venerable relationship turned into a horror.
The smiles turned into frowns, the laughs into cries and the sweetness into bitterness.
They avoided each other as much as possible and they even ignore one’s presence.

The most sensitive hearts became numb that they began to be indifferent.

“It’s the same old feeling back again, it’s the one that they had back when they were too young to know when love is real.”

And so after some time their paths crossed again.
Surprised and frightened were the emotions they both felt at first.
Surprised because for awhile they thought they wont be able to see each other once more since it has been a long time
while frightened by the fact that at a single glimpse, all the past feelings for each other came back so fast.
Some things never changed, they realized it was even more intense this time than what they have felt before, the fact that they became mature enough to understand what really LOVE is.

“She’s back in his life and it feels so right,
maybe this time

so what happens next?
let’s leave it to them…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wraikhae says:

    nakilig ko. ga-exist pa mu ni nga situation? haha.
    good luck sa ila.. πŸ˜‰

  2. danajord says:

    huo eh. hipos nalang bala raiz ah. hehe

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