Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense.

What is a love story?
Basically, it is the story of love.
Right? Right? Who says wrong? I’ll kill you!!! LOL

Seriously, a love story is something I really can’t explain.
It’s something which is very hard for me to define.
Okay maybe it’s when I kissed him and he kissed back but sadly we’re meant to fall apart.

That’s a love story.
A story of love which is meant to be broken,
an old myth which was supposed to have a happy ending after your prince charming save you from something very risky and kiss you so hard and marry you.
But in contrast, no one will save you and you’ll be the one to rescue yourself.

Call me bitter or whatever but why do I need to imagine myself having someone when in fact I don’t have anybody beside me?
Why do i need to find someone to make me whole when in fact I am not even a half?

I believe in love, yes, but I don’t believe in the concept that a love story is always destined to have a blissful finale.
That it’s not a love story when in the end you’re not happy.
It’s just a game, sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose.
It’s just a matter of time and reason.

As of the moment that’s how I view a love story.

I did have a weepie and it’s like my definition,
I kissed him, he kissed back and then we fell apart.


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