ari may ipabasa ko…

haha. naham-ot ko pagbukad ko sang friendster ah. my mga blogs ko to gali. well, wala ko gani idea kung ano ang blog sadto bi ko ya notes lang so palagpatan ko man sulat ah. karadlawan ba, indi ko ma-imagine ang mga napangsulat ko sang high school ko kag first quarter sang college na.

ari hu, gusto mo ko updan kadlaw?

“was it really a dream or a beautiful nightmare? coz if i knew it all the while, i must not have woke up anymore. i dreamt of walking along the road wit him, holding hands, talking sincerely that all i could do is to feel like i was walking in heaven, vast, and infinite. with no exact direction, we continued walking. walk, walk. the feeling of tireness never entered the picture, its as if we’re superhuman that we are insensitive of it and we are just concentrating with the moment-having each other, hand in hand alone under the same sky. time passed. tick tock. tick tock. but the charcoal-painted sky is still the same, full of stars. i felt that we were walking forever but the color of the world is still dark, so dark that there may be no chance for dawn nor sunlight. then i woke up, 1 o clock in the morning, dark outside and the only enlighted thing was the flourescent lamp that i left on before i slept.maybe, that’s it. we’re meant to walk in the dark. only in the dark, that there is no chance for us to see the light that will lead us to each others company. we can only be in the dark and that means its impossible to be ‘us’. impossible coz im always been so afraid of darkness.”

diin ka da? drama si friend nyo. actually i’m referring to someone nga crush ko gid katama way back in high school. as in super crush ko pa to, thankful ko nga nadula kay burden lang magka-crush super, ikaw ang loser. mayo kung tikim-tikim lang kag pahapyaw kay enjoy.

“i miss that someone who used to accompany me..
he’s also lost, the path he chose was different..
he left me hangin’, he took a piece of my heart with him..
i’m incomplete, lost, he’s gone, so far away!
i wont expect you to come again, just send the piece of my heart back again..”

dramatic gid ya, imagine me like that?
gosh, bisan ako daw mabuang.

“secluded. trees all around. vast. terror teachers. academic freedom. lots of orgs. rich kids. spoiled brats. poor ones. a lot more to be said of UP.
i never dream of being here, but i am actually here na…
what could i do? whoa!
i think I’m going crazy, so many nights of studying my lessons but i can’t even understand what i am reading.
cramming for exams. but what would i answer? i don’t know. i don’t know what to study, where to study and how to study since i don’t even know the word study.
God, please help me. help us!”

haha, mga trauma moment sang first year ko di sa miami. kag syempre asta subong amo man na na feel ko sa gihapon galing may social and org life na so di na ko sagad pinanumdom acads alone.

“balay kanlaon,hall 2-the name of my dorm.
well, i’m quit enjoying my life here. i have my friends, my upperclassmen, my labandera… hehe
its good to be in here,
i still feel incomplete.
feeling ko, daw im not satisfied.
in the sense nga wala ko damu friends sa dalom.
daw sila lang gaintindihanay, ang iban wala ga-exist.
py ok lng bc umpisa palang.
tni mging ok na.
i want fun gid daan.
tani sapakon man ko ni kuya….

ari na, nagtukal na ang akon sakit nga ADHD! Chos! Drama lang man na gihapon ah. syempre sa umpisa budlay gid man makibagay, pero samtang gadugay ga-maayo man.

so amo lang to, nalingaw gid ko. my iba pako nga post pero bay-i da ah.
kung wala kamu nalingaw, basa nalang kamu kikomachinekomix para pambawi ko sa nauyang niyo nga tyempo (kag mauyang man kamu kwarta kung wala kamo copy.hehe).


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