my day!

and so this day started with i-don’t-know-what-because-im-sleepy feeling.
fuck the crs for making my class 7 o’clock in the morning.
i woke up 5:54 am and went to school 6:45.
though during class i’m not that sleepy because i have a/n *insert adjective here* instructor infront of me.
i need to concentrate and listen since i got a sort of distress during my first year because of him.
he let us write an essay about the subject and to my dismay, after passing the paper he asked me a lot about my work.
ang ka-abno lang kay siya man teacher ko sa last period ko.

daw ma-abno ko ah.
okay lang man ni guro daw ka-demanding sang tanan ko nga subjects subong.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Allana says:

    Ga-agi lang ko sa mga blog a. Tan-aw kung ga-ano na da kamo. Good luck! (Sa aton tanan).

  2. danajord says:

    wah! kibot man ko ba. gudluck man al! hope you’re fine.

  3. Allana says:

    link ta ka jord, oks lang? wala unod akon blogroll, bag-o lng ko bi ga-blog XD

  4. danajord says:

    ok gd al. i-add tka sa blogroll ko. 😀

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