Walk Out on December 1 ~~~ SUC’s Fight!

Today I should be sad or bothered because I’m not yet done with my paper in a major subject but it’s kinda ironic that I don’t even care. Uhmm, not that i don’t care at all but I just don’t feel anything about it. I don’t feel bad. I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that major colleges and universities here in Iloilo have become receptive to the call of the society and the students. I’m happy that Presidents and Deans support the upcoming mobilization to fight for greater state subsidy for the benefit of not only the students but of the whole education sector.

It’s been a perennial call to prioritize education but the government is still deaf of what the students and the administrations want. It is still numb. It seems that there’s an evil shield that protects them from the demands of the people and therefore makes them evil too.

I know I should finish my paper before Thursday but I’m not really scared of what will happen if I can’t.

I’m in rage of what is happening in this country but I’m overwhelmed of the militant response of the people; that makes me so happy serving them! πŸ˜€

And so, for the readers I am inviting you to join the mobilization on December 1 @ UPV Iloilo City.
It’s time for us to shout and make our voices echo across the nation fighting for our basic right— EDUCATION!


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