Q and A… haha

Question: What’s your name?

Answer: Jordana Mari Jaco but just call me Jorge Parker cause it sounds so fetch.

Q: What’s fetch?

A: It’s like a slang in UK.

Q: Oh, so “mean”. Anyway, how old are ya?

A: Umm. Umm. Umm. 18.

Q: Why so hesistant?

A: Umm, it’s like I’m old na kasi. but I’m not. You know, baby face pa rin. So di halatang 18. Di ba friends?

Q: So defensive ang lola! So 18. ka na, that’s it. Next question, why did you opt to run for Councilor?

A: Kaloka the question. Okay, okay. So it’s not like I woke up one day and I realized I am a leader! nah nah! Neither, I have as high as Mount Madyaas grades so I think i can serve my fellow iskos and iskas well. Another, nah nah! Academic Excellence is not always equated to TRUE LEADERSHIP. I decided to run because I think the principles I have are the best instruments to really serve my fellows.

Q: Uhahaha! Okay, what principles then, eh?

A: Well, Militant, Autonomous, Nationalist, and Democratic.

Q: Ka-nosebleed naman. Paano yan naging best instruments?

A: Kasi ganito po yun, kailangan ng kapwa mag-aaral natin ang MAND na Student Council para may totoong nagsusulong ng ating karapatan sa loob ng pamantasan. Aba, kapag matatapang at prinsipyado ang ating mga lider at suportado ng mag-aaral ang bawat pagkilos nito, walang tagumpay na mahirap kamtin. Tingin mo, tomoh ba ko?

Q: What? I was like tag-lish here, so I can’t understand purely Filipino well. What was that? Come again.

A: I-google translare mo nalang. Here’s the link http://translate.google.com.ph/ Hahaha!

Q: Whatever! You’re so mean! Why SAMASA?

A: Cause I am RED, I am InspiRED, I am SAMASA!

Q: Wtf? Was that an answer?

A: I think so. Haha. Seriously, I joined SAMASA kasi it’s the only student org na TOTOONG nakikipaglaban sa karapatan ng fellow students and the whole society noh. Naniniwala talaga me sa EFFECTIVENESS ng COLLECTIVE ACTION hindi yung puro change lang sa sarili, hindi naman sini-share sa iba especially sa whole society. Di ba hindi yun tomoh? Selfishness yun hindi way upang maging effective public/student servant.

Q: Umm, No comment here. You know, I am quite, ouch! Tinamaan… Oh, of course not.

A: Saan ang question dun? Akala ko labeled ka as Question?

Q: Oh, sorry. Na-carried away lang. Next question. What are your platforms?

A: Cheka lang! Well, it’s OUR platforms kasi Party kami eh. Pero specifically, my part is to let the students know that we will push to establish a systemwide alliance of UP community (UP KILOS NA) that will assert our rights to basic education and other social services. Next, is to expand, consolidate and strengthen the CAS Volunteer Corps to ensure the students that our future leaders are REAL leaders that will TRULY serve the interest of our society; our university in particular.

Q: Sounds so fetch!

A: Copycat!

Q: Che! So I heard your the Campus Female Heartthrob, How do you feel?

A: Honestly? Nothing. I know I’m not.

Q: That’s very honest of you. I know you’re not kasi ako ang totoong heartthrob! Bwahahaha.

A: In your nightmare! Next question please.

Q: Are you dating?

A: What kind of question is that?

Q: Who’s your crush? I heard he’s a freshie.

A: Wtf?

Q: Who’s with you last valentines day?

A: What?

Q: Do you eat a lot or are you on a diet?

A: Let’s end this.

Q: Is it true that you’re with Peter Parker?

A: How did you know? Stop it!

Q: Did you kiss?

A: Shut up. I wanna die! Gosh! good bye!!!

Q: Was it good? Wait…Wait… Are you getting married?


Silence means YOU’RE DREAMING!!!!!

Hahaha. Binuang. πŸ˜€


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lean Porquia says:

    The word strange is simply inappropriate… uncanny, yes. Weird, maybe… inexplicable, surprising, funny, astonishing, perplexing, incomprehensible, puzzling, enigmatic, unexpected, remarkable, odd, bizarre, outlandish, eccentric, weird, weird and wonderful, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, peculiar, abnormal, unexpected, alien, unknown, mysterious, exotic — possible.. so I guess, jordana is the most befitting word to describe — definitely!

  2. nuelene says:

    i love this one! hahaha..kakaloka

  3. danajord says:

    Wow Ro! Haha. Yawan ka gid? Ganyan talaga, ikaw ay ikaw. Anyway thanks for reading my blog. πŸ˜€ Sadyahan gid ko kung may gabasa-basa man di kag gacomment dan. =)

  4. danajord says:

    Thanks ate Nue. basta ang akon lang nami2 gid ya dress mo pag-prom nyo! Anyway, don’t forget SMS-PA this march 4! >0/

  5. ingrid says:

    hahaha. gn vote taka campus female heartthrob. bwahahaha. :)))

  6. nuelene says:

    don’t want to. haha.
    don’t want to give you my dress. that’s my first dress that I’ve consulted with my own fashion consultant eh. haha.

    but of course! SAMASA mula noong first year ako. Hindi yan magbabago ngayong fourth year na ako. Hehehe.

  7. danajord says:

    ingrid my dear. buang kaw. haha. tingala ko man nagdaog ko! chos! haha

    and ate nue: ahay. but it’s okay, ma-buy lang ko kapareho. hahaha. gogogo SAMASA!!!

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