okay, so yesterday was the first time I attended my class in Small Business Enterprise.
Sa naga-wonder nga-a may amu ko na nga subject bisan Political Science course ko,
I want you to know that I am taking Management electives coz I’m planning to have it as my double major.

Our teacher was late. Pero keri lang.
When she arrived, we consumed most of the time discussing about Entrepreneurship, the characteristics of an Entrepreneur and its difference from a (Small) Businessman.

Entrepreneurs are Opportunity-seekers, Persistent, Committed to work and Risk-takers.

So, dasun?

Wala lang, I just wanted to announce nga I wanna be an entreprenuer – a successful one.

That’s why I started my first step right that afternoon by engaging myself, in partnership with Allyn, into a loading business.

We found an opportunity, seized it and we took the risks in investing our money.

Now we just need to be persistent and committed to our business in order to be successful.

Echos lang to ah,

in short,

gapang-load na ko All Networks. Pa-load na kamo sa’kon.
Hahaha. Wala UTANG!


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