Happy New Year! ~Jorge Parker

Just incase 2012 is the end of the World.

Happy New Year Everyone. 2011 has been a bittersweet year for me.
It started with a blast yet ended, well, quite gloomy.
However, I would like to consider it as a challenge to do better next year (atleast, before the world ends)

I would like to thank a lot of people who made my year.

To my Polsci Friends, each day with you makes me stronger. I hope that we could surpass all the challenges,
all hard subjects and hard teachers. We can make it through so long as we’ll be there for each other. I hope that
our bond will get stronger than ever.

To the one I love who loved me, thank you for introducing me to the word PATIENCE.
I learned a lot from what we both have. Thanks for making me experience the things I never thought I could.
I hope that you’ll be happy til next year, til forever.
All of the memories made this year worth remembering.

To Allyn, Raiza, Bea, Dolly, Dana. I love you, I always will.
Hope we could be friends forever.

To my Roommate, thanks for enduring every dull times with me. I know I’m too boring to handle, but thanks for being there.

To Zharina and Diana, no words can express how much I value both of you.
I don’t want to promise, I know we’ll make it through and we’ll be friends as long as there’s tomorrow.

To my sister, you’re the best. Thanks for being understanding.

To my parents, I’m not perfect. I can’t be.

To everybody. Have a happy New Year. Thank you so much!

~jorge parker


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