How should we celebrate this coming New Year.

O guys, me is so conyo na coz it’s like, uhhm, kasi…basta, I think i’m so conyo na kasi lately. So tamad and so feeling rich. Hahaha. napaka-feeler ko talaga! Wala nga meng money here eh, so poor. Kapal-kapal ko lang talaga, me is gonna die soon cos of this.

Wala na talaga meng magawa with me life noh? tamad me sa acads, tamad me sa polwork, tamad me sa bahay, but no no no. no soy tamad when it comes to loving you, you, you. weeh! at me gana pa me sa nonsense thing like you ha? sorry, me is just kidding! i heeeeeet yo! yo knu! Hahaha!

So, me is here to suggest what to do this coming new year.

what to do? what to do?

me thinks…like my plain shirt, me utak is blanko now!

me is not thinking.

me is stooopid!

brain working! bugshhhh.

What to do #1: WAKE UP! you can’t celebrate new year when you’re still shitting in your dreams noh! (gahd, is that a dream? ew…maybe nightmare na..but mom said dreaming about shits is swerte.yak) you need to rise and shine together with the fireworks in the sky. go, go, go!

What to do #2: TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! why? cos you’ll be receiving a lot of messages from people who only remember you during holidays. Galing noh? a text from someone and you’re so happy, then HAPPY NEW YEAR lang naman yung message. So forget about them nalang. Go on with your life that night.

Am bitter ko naman, sama ko talaga. me is so evil!

What to do #3: EAT! EAT! EAT! The best way to leave 2011 and embrace 2012 is to put something in your mouth that will make it shut. As in, Shut the Fuck UP! Alam mo kasi ang ingay-ingay mo eh, you’re so irritating na, so just eat. It can make you fat too. Look at your body, so skinny like the walis yaya use to linis the backyard. What is that nga? TING-TING? (my bwisit auntie, tingting.hahaha)

What to do #4: GO AND MULTIPLY! Instead of that downward sloping (anetch itey econ11? demand?) look on your face, you could smile, stand up, get dressed and go and spread the bitterness este happiness around your community.New year naman friend, can you not look so sad? i know you’re ugly kasi, with that look on you, you’re becoming uglier than ever. Ouch, sakit na mata me and me brainzzz imagining that fez. Ouch! ugh, ugh, ugh!

What to do #5: BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK! So you really think you’re one? Yak! go back to sleep and dream on bitch! Hahaha. what a bunganga here na pasted in my pretty face.Sorry for that bowel movement,i mean, foul smell, este, bad word. Can’t help it kasi when it’s you na eh. Me gosh, me is so evil. Huhu. me going to hell na. 😦 You should get out and shoo away bad spirits, oh me gosh, take care cos baka madala you ha? i’m so concerned na. basta enjoy the moment!



Ow, so how was that people? Me is so fucking shit noh?

No sense but mind you, I DON’T CARE and YOU DON’T CARE.


MYOB bitches cos i’ma kick your ass if you’re gonna mess with me.



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