Monopoly versus Bribery

Definition of terms:

Monopoly – exclusive control or possession of something

Bribery – the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

I heard lot of things about these two words lately.
It’s an issue roaming around the dirty mouths of my friends and chismosa as I am,
I tried to really find out everything about that issue.

The result of my data gathering sounds very intriguing, disappointing and gruesome.
As in, ewwwwww!!!
Fuck the, What? You did that bitch?

So this is my opinion. I know I am entitled of the right to speak and think whatever I want and since this is my blog I will also post whatever I want here.

Okay so the story goes this way,
“there’s this girl, unfortunately someone I know, who tried to bribe a certain institution here in our
UPV beloved to support her/their cause.”

I don’t have to expand the story to conclude that it is something bad.
We know that the very sense of bribery is awful, do you really need to do that?

Ay ambot sa imo miga, nga-a gin-ubra mo to?
La ka man nahuya?
Amo na gid na kadesperado ang kaberks mo to push for that
Ay friend ta pa man ka, I respect your personality but after knowing that,
my hope that atleast you’re a good and impartial person when it comes to the thing you
often say which is Diplomacy, proper consultation blah, blah, blah, died.

I hope you’ll get through it, however.
If it will be proven, goodluck on the suspension and I hope you’ll learn your lesson.

That’s for bribery.

Now let’s talk about monopoly.

Uhhhm, the same girl above accused one of my friends of having a “leadership monopoly”
Is it bad to lead all the time when it comes to students’ rights?
Is it bad to have the initiative to promote something about the issues of the community?
When you lead something almost all the time because you are capable and of course you care, is it monopoly?

I guess, you’re just jealous my good friend.
You can’t be like her that’s why you resort to bribery to promote whatever it is that you want.

If you accused her of Leadership Monopoly,
I accuse you, now, of Leadership Bribery.

I pity you my friend, I never thought you could be that ewww.


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