me and this coming long weekend: NO DINAGYANG for me.

Actually, I was planning to go to Dinagyang since December. Me and my high school friends decided to hang out but now I don’t really want to go. The real reason why I really said yes to that plan was because I want to make BAWI to them for what I did during last year’s Dinagyang. We all decided to meet at SM City 7pm and since it’s still 6pm, I and Jandy watched the Fireworks competition held in SM too. It’s already past 8pm and I text-ed all of them but nobody gave me a reply, so I opted to go home to Miagao together with my cohort.

When I was in the jeepney, Zharina told me she’s already on her way but I told her I decided to go home and she got angry. We ignored each other for weeks that’s why I wanna make it up to her this time.


I don’t wanna go to the city this weekend. Aside from the reason that I don’t have enough money, I’m bored and the only reason why want to go there is not going to be with me. I invited him to go out but he refused, so I don’t have the fire to celebrate Dinagyang.

As I was looking for anyone to spend time with me in the dorm this weekend, I found these three people to laugh along with and fortunately to drink along with this weekend.

We’re gonna be happy and we’ll be enjoying our weekend even without Dinagyang and even if I have this prediction that the dorm area will be sort of a ghost town because a lot of students will be in the city to spend their money enjoying the biggest Income Generating Program of Iloilo City, WE WILL GONNA ROCK THIS WEEKEND! Go Team!


Kim, Me, and Febrey. ang Kamot kay Raiza na!

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