Me, Him and her bitterness

I’ve been in love with different guys and experienced the taste of happiness as well as pain after losing them.

I’ve been ecstatic over the feeling of having someone beside me, who was there to comfort me
and to make me feel I am not alone.

I’ve been in love. Yes! I loved them, but I realized it was not strong enough, though I cried for them.
I can’t even make them stay. When it’s over, it’s over.

Not until I met this guy.
I can’t let him go, I really can’t set him free that i did everything I could to make him stay.

Him: Nga-a ako na gid haw? Basi mu ka lang na kay feeling mo ako nalang mapalangga simo.

Me: Ambot. Basta nabatyagan ko palangga ta ka. Never ko man ni gin-ubra sa iban, ikaw lang man ginhambalan ko nga indi mo ko pagbayaan.

And so, after that. After all the tears I shed that day, I fin’lly got him.

I am sorry for her, but I am selfish.
I’m sorry if he loves me, I’m sorry if I pulled the trigger that she emitted that gibberish flavor.
I’m sorry for forcing her to spit that bitterness, not to my face, not to him but to the world.
It wasn’t my fault, well, partly but I know I’m vindicated.
Just as what I said in my Facebook status, “All is fair in LOVE and WAR.”

So, he did not leave, he stayed with me and promised not to leave me again.


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