SAMASA PARTY ALLIANCE: Militant, Autonomous, Nationalistic and Democratic, principles a Student Council needs.

For 31 years, Sandigan para sa Mag-aaral at Sambayanan Party Alliance has been committed and consistent in serving the people. It is the forefront of the students in University of the Philippines Visayas in pursuing actions against human rights violations inside and out of the campus. SAMASA-PA is a student organization, however, it does not separate itself from the issues of the Filipino people. From the drivers inside the campus, to the vendors, theΒ re-settlers, the staffs and even the faculty, SAMASA-PA provides support and do everything they could even going out of the four walls of our classrooms to persistently voice out the rights of the masses.

It firmly stands for a Militant, Autonomous, Nationalistic and Democratic Student Council. With these principles carried out through out the years of serving the people, SAMASA-PA achieved concrete effects to specific actions they made. It was able to push for the scrapping of various exorbitant fees and was able to provide students proper information about different important issues like tuition fee increase, bracket sliding and even national issues like oil price hikes and budget cuts.

SAMASA-PA now face a challenge in the present CAS Student Council Election. It is challenged to expose student’s anomalies and other matters confronting the CAS like the present bribery issue and most importantly, it is challenged to prove to the students that effecting change is not about self-service, it is not about being passive throughout the year and only active during elections, it is not about dirty politicking, IT IS ABOUT GENUINE SERVICE TO THE FILIPINO PEOPLE BY AROUSING, ORGANIZING AND MOBILIZING THEM TO RISE UP AND FIGHT AGAINST THE PRESENT EXPLOITATIVE SYSTEM.

That’s why as a part of the current slate of SAMASA-PA, I can proudly say that it is the only organization in UPV that has been active in promoting the welfare of the community. Compared to any other political organization, SAMASA-PA has been consistently on the lead together with the students and other constituents. IT IS THE ONLY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION PROMOTING FOR NOT JUST AN EFFECTIVE CHANGE BUT GENUINE SOCIETAL CHANGE IN AND OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSITY.

And so I am encouraging the students of CAS, the students of UP Visayas to vote and promote SAMASA-PA this coming election!


College Representatives to the USC:
Jordana Mari “Jordana” JacoΒ 
Clyde Ben “Clyde” Gacayan

Chairperson: Raiza Khey Llorico
Vice Chairperson: Regina Zagala

Febrey Bless Esclares
JP Fuego
Joshua Sulatra
Ilych Mana-ay
Joan Joan Humble Mababangloob

Clovers: Ma Ramela Angela Bermeo
Redbolts: RB Resoso



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