Ii-elect kita 2012 : Yan ay kung Hot ka. Chorva!

So me is back na naman. The chekadora conyo girl you know here in wordpress blog ni Jorge Parker. You know it’s getting hot in here na naman ulet sa UPV coz of the upcoming election. Mi gosh, me is a candidate na naman ulet pala. Am I gonna win now or me is gonna be double dead? what. what. what? Let’s see nalang no, no matter what I’ve been committed and consistent naman like my beloved makamasa, matapang, tunay, palaban at makabayan org in UPV – SAMASA Party Alliance.

So there are lots of cheka going around the campus. Gosh! Dark chekas mga ka-blog. As in super dark like charcoal, like your color, like your budhi. Soooo kadiri. Hahahaha!

Every year it’s getting hotter and controversial than evaaah. However, I’m still hotter. Kahit ano pa ang status ng election, I’m one level higher. Nobody can pantay me no! Patayhuya!

So dark cheka UNA: Invisible daw ang USC? Hoy friend (?) Saan ka ba all those times? Was the USC invisible? I saw and felt USC’s work whole academic year. Me kasi is no bulag and no manhid eh. Hmmm, chos! Siguro ikaw yung invisible noh? Kasi can’t feel you on my skin eh… Hmm, chaka yan ha? Council ka pa naman. Uy friend (?) please read this oh https://www.facebook.com/notes/upv-usc/upv-usc-partial-year-end-report-veracity-visibility/239718346119757 para makuha all the muta in your eyes and all the peste in your brain will get out para ma-realize mo yung mga kachorvahan at bonggang-bonggang accomplishments in UPV-USC. Ahump!

So Dark Cheka Pangalawa: AVR? Sa CAS? Yaman mo naman another friend (?). But you’re not richer than me. In everything, I’m one level higher. Bwahahaha! Ni hindi nga maka-give ng solution sa mga current decomposing facilities, AVR agad? Not practical. You know my friend (?) sana ng-focus ka nalang sa pag-improve ng facilities at pag-give ng proper budget sa school naten noh? Tumulong ka nalang sa pag-shout ng “Tuition Fee Increase na naman, salot talagang salot, kasalut-salutan!” than to pursue that dream. And just to tell you my friend (?), zero is the capital outlay of UP, as in ITLOG, and MOOE is like so maliit with the recent 1.39 B budget cut. You should read my friend. As in. Read. Uso na kasi ang Teach me how to Douggie eh, pero til now, me doesn’t know pa rin how to dance that. Hahahaha! Me is so ewwww.

So Dark cheka Tres: Kelan ba naging discriminated ang mga katulad kong homo dito school? Hmmm, me homo? Hmmm. Pag-iisipan ko muna if me is right that me is a homo. Hahaha! In my own opinion kasi, UP has been one of the most open-minded institution to respect the rights and existence of LGBT inside the campus as well as in the society. Wala aketch na-hear about gender discrimination eh. Well, maybe I’m deaf? Haha. Sorry po, no talaga eh.

So dark cheka Kwatro: Opps, scrapping of GPOA? Why affiliate yourself if you are not convinced of their plans? Ahhhmm. Ano yan dear ha? Ano yan? Affiliation para may base supporters? Effect! Possible! Pero hindi dadalhin yung plans? Ay kaloka!!! Sana nag-independent nalang. And sabi ni Ser my love, waley daw way to amend the consti in the CAS, so me is wondering, how how de carabao to redefine the Silya? How how de carabao to empower the semilya? ay Silya? Ay? Hahaha. Can you please ayos the consti muna like giving solution to that missing amendatory clause than saying that dark dark dark dark chocolate words? hmmm. Ikaw ha! tsup tsup. poisoned kiss.*

DARKEST CHEKA: No bribery? Black Prop? Kayo ha…kayo talaga. kayo na, kayo na. Hahahaha! May nabasa na ko eh, statement. Apat pa daw kayo, confirmed na daw. So what are you waiting for? Hide na!!! Hide you, hide you, and you, and you! Bwahahaha! Uy ha, di kaya yun black prop, wanna know why? coz it’s true, yeah! it’s true and a person like me, (person?) and the rest of the students ay hindi papayag na may trapo sa konseho. Kasi baka gamitin kayong trapo sa sahig, trapo sa walls or trapo sa laway. Hahaha. Guys, seriously you have to face the consequences of what you did. You can’t escape it. Be honest, even sa mga sarili niyo for once. Be honest sa mga students. You know hindi namin kayo kontrolado and we never expected that to happen yet you did and what you did is wrong and so you must be strong to carry on coz there’s a rainbow always after the rain and forever gonna start tonight and tonight will be the night that I will fall for you. Hahahaha.

So DARRRRRRKKKK. I’m afraid. Btw, people and peoplets. Hahaha, this is my point of view ha? I never mentioned anyone, pero BATO BATO sa LANGIT, tamaan GUILTY. IKAW BA ‘YON???


2 Comments Add yours

  1. lovella13 says:

    Bato-bato sa langit..
    ang matamaan……PANGIT!

  2. Jorge Parker says:

    gani man CFOS-Chair. Hahaha! BOOM!

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