reasons why you should love and be SAMASA.

I am a member of SAMASA Party Alliance since I was a freshman, more specifically of Anakbayan. Back then, I only knew one political organization and that is my organization. And for once let me share my thoughts about being a proud member and why I love it.

It has served UP Visayas-Miagao for 31 years with commitment and consistency.

Through the years, SAMASA has been very consistent with its cause – to fight against tuition and other fees increase and other threats to our access to basic and quality education inside a state university.

Among UPV political organizations, SAMASA is the only one with tested principles to genuinely promote change inside the University.

Militant. Autonomous. Nationalist. Democratic. You joined the organization because of these principles, because you want to fight for something worth it, and because you believe you can be the change and you can spread it to the society. It was not because of peer pressure, not because your co-members are famous, and not because of massive parties.

*You can learn a lot from the educational discussions.

Yeah, it may sometimes be boring but it can help a lot with your studies especially with how you view the world. From the Philippine society to World History, Economics and Politics, each of them will teach you why the system is like this and why we should continue to struggle to topple it down.

*We don’t just rally for nothing, we study issues and we produce concrete outcomes

Rally is the highest form of protest and we don’t just rally to make “papansin” or what. We rally because we want the government to know that we are not okay about this system and we are not okay with anti-people policies. Inside the university, rallying was one effective way to pursue our cause. Just so you know, through SAMASA’s effort together with the students, P.E Lab Fee was cancelled, Late Registration Fee was scrapped, Infirmary is now open 24/7. Those are just few of the organization’s accomplishments. Concrete actions with concrete outcomes, eh?

*You will learn to love the masses.

The masses are the key actors to our struggle. They are the reason why we fight, we don’t want to continue the exploitation of the big landed oligarchs in our society to these people, to us. While we Arouse, Organize and Mobilize them through Basic Masses Integration, we will begin to appreciate them, love their simple lives and simple views about the world. We will learn how oppressed they are and it will just keep the fire burning to continue to struggle against the capitalist system.

*and Lastly you will learn to SERVE THE PEOPLE.

Our point of departure is to serve the people. And by serving them it means altruism, it means you are selfless not SELFISH. The beauty of being in the organization is that it inculcates you to become a leader for the people, a citizen for your fellow citizen.

These are just simple reasons why you should love and be a SAMASA member. It’s not about yourself, it’s about the masses.

As for me, I know the basic principles of SAMASA and it runs in my RED blood. Though there may be shortcomings on my part, I believe that through constant struggle within me I can also fight my selfish desires.

I am a proud member of the organization and I can proudly say that SAMASA is the ONLY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION IN UP MIAGAO WITH SINCERE INTENTIONS TO CHANGE THE SOCIETY.

No misleading thoughts, no vague principles, NOTHING TO HIDE.

I rest my case.


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  1. nuelene says:

    I second the motion. 🙂

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