my thoughts about UPV Dorm(s)

Since I will be leaving UPV Dormitory soon, I guess it’s alright to pour out my sentiments about the situation of the dormitory based on my experiences. First and foremost, I am thankful that for 3 years that I have been a dormer and I spent a lot of happy memories together with my friends and dorm mates. I have been in Balay Kanlaon when I was in first year and Balay Madyaas from second year up to third year. And now, I have only one week left to reside in BD because the dorm head did not approve my application; not even in the first process. I don’t know if she did not receive it since mine and Raiza’s application numbers were 234 and 235 and the last number qualified for interview was 233. We were not late when it comes to the deadline, but we passed it around 8pm. I wonder what happened? One of my problems about the dormitory has been its being costly. Yes, it’s only 300 pesos + energy fee which is about Php100/appliance but you cannot even wash your clothes and you can’t even cook. I remember back in first year, the authority in the dorm said they will throw away and confiscate any clothes aside from undergarments if they find it in the wash area. Isn’t that harsh? What if you can’t afford to have a labandera? I was even forced to have one. My mom told me, “Sosyal ka ba, labandera ka pa. Wala gid ko ya gapati nga indi pwede kalaba sa dorm nyo. Siguro ginaginasto mo lang ya kwarta noh?” Pwerte, kulang na gani. During my upperclass years, I always pass a promissory note because the deadline would always fall on the 15th and I can only have my allowance every end of the month (which is quite insufficient anyway). I asked for considerations because as what they said, UP dorms are for those who cannot afford, but I wonder why I get a frown from the authority inside the dorm. It makes me wonder if the dorms are really meant to help poor students when some people would just tell you ” Ay ambot nalang ah”, when you request for something you cannot even control or you cannot provide instantly for yourself. I mean being late on the dorms can be a ground for not taking you in, having a bad manner or a bad record; but having an insufficient allowance every month? Mayo man bala kung wala ka malang garespeto hatag promi, kay gahatg ka man gani. That’s why many students are being pushed to reside outside UP and risk their security because of the inaccessibility of the dormitories. Aside from poor internet services and poor facilities, the big consideration also is how people deal with you inside. I know someone who never applied but was frequently asked by the authority if he will still reside in the dorm. Hambal gani namun, “Mayo ka pa ikaw napalapitan, kami nga ka-apply, wala gid. Deadma.” It’s unfair for those who applied and took time to process everything. It’s unfair for those who can’t afford. Admission is sometimes (most of the time) based on personal judgements. Pa-close-close ah. Now, my friends and I are forced to find another home in the banwa. We found a place worth 5 thousand pesos, quite expensive right? I wonder, how could I ever afford to pay Php1,250 every month + bills if I can’t even afford the dorm? But we have no choice because we can’t find any other boarding house safe enough for us. Now we have to somehow risk our security because we don’t have that privilege to stay in the dormitory because it’s either we’re late to pay, we still did not pay, we did not pass an application and for some other i-don’t-know-reason. Sad.


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