A promise to self for next sem.

The school year is about to end. Actually I had my last class earlier and now I’ve got loads of paper works and studying to do. It’s not even easy to do a paper, however I’ve got no choice since I wanna have at least 2.5 general weighted average to still enjoy my scholarship grant. My gosh! Nakaya ko rin pala ang 5 semesters na walang bagsak noh? I really can’t believe that. I’m so tamad, so tanga and so-so. However, I believe in the saying “Daig nang maagap ang masipag” that’s why I translated it to, “Daig ng masipag at maagap ang Matalino”. I don’t know what’s the concrete connection but I always bear that in mind. Intelligence is nothing when you have poor work ethics and professionalism in each and every subject you have.

Going back to the end-of-the-year-thingy. It made me thought of things I did during my junior year and it really makes me wonder why I’ve been so mediocre. Though I made improvements in each aspect of my life but still I’m not that good enough. I need to change or at least have a perspective to change myself even though I can’t materialize it by the next days, weeks, months or years.

(1) I promise to sleep early.

We will be transferring to Ubos and so I promise to sleep early and to wake up early to cook breakfast and to exercise. I’m getting fat and weakling because I don’t have the proper nutrition and proper activities of a healthy person. I always tend to sleep, go to school, and sleep again. I am even bothered because of different bad things I feel lately. I always wanna vomit, my stomach aches from time to time, I have this head ache. (Uy, no immaculate conception here). I wanna get rid of these effin’ health issues by trying to have a healthy lifestyle next semester.

bisan sa picture tulog.

(2) I promise to take a bath regularly

(Kahiya Hehehe). It’s not that I don’t really take a bath regularly, but I do. During weekends when I’ve got nothing to do and I’m stuck in the dorm, I just wake up then stay in front of the computer all day and eventually sleep. Thus, during weekdays I always shower in a hurry because I wake up 15-30 minutes before my class. Of course I don’t wanna be late. Bisan daw tae tsura mo kung gasulod ka sa klase, who cares? Bumabawi din naman ako pag gabi.

i love taking a bath. hihi

(3) I promise to have good citations in my papers

This is always my problem. I don’t know how to cite properly, or I know but I tend to lose focus and end up having different kinds of citations in one paper. You know, I’m very into citations. I love to have various references. It makes me satisfied. I’m very happy everytime I got 15+ sources. I don’t know but it really makes me feel good. And so next semester, I must learn to use proper formats like MLA, APA, etc., and of course I really wanted to learn how to make good end notes.

making 192 paper

(4) I promise to focus on my thesis

Since I wanna learn how to have a good citation, saan ko pa nga ba ia-apply yun? Eh di sa thesis ko. I promise to really do good and have a worthy-to-read thesis. I’m very afraid that one day when I have to defend it, I will not be able to answer anything. Or there will be a lot of mistakes and so. This is gonna be my last year and my thesis will be the very fruit of it and so I hope everything will fall into its proper places para nga naman makagawa ng isang de-kalibreng research paper.

i'ma need these. Ahhh. tani magka-new laptop ko ba.

(5) I promise to be a good person

A good friend, daughter, lover, servant of the people, citizen, student and every achieved or acquired roles I have. By good here means that I could perform my tasks with no apprehensions keeping in mind that these are things I have to do. I hope that my struggles would, at the end of the day, be successful. I just wanna be good.


And so, yun na yun. Few things I wanna do next sem. It doesn’t mean that I can assure myself to do it because I labeled it as a promise but of course I will do my very very very best to at least make anything about everything come true.

So help me friends, family and GOD.


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