it’s just that I really need to…


It’s hell week and I still have two exams left- 1 tomorrow and 1 on Wednesday and right now I’m still not in the mood to study about different ancient and medieval philosophies because first it’s boring and second I’m exhausted because of the 2 exams I took earlier. *brain-bleed here*

credits to febrey for the pic and ian for the jersey.

I really need to study- not because I don’t know anything, but because people around me are giving all their best to read and memorize and what not and due to peer pressure I must follow them. Chos!

You know I have the target of 2.5 GWA and my target grades are:

PS 183 – 3.0

PS 192 – 3.0

MGT 160 – 3.0

PS 185 – 2.0

MGT 138 – 2.0

MGT. 139 – 2.0

But hopefully, indi man amo gid na. Pwede man higher. Hehehe.


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