Corazon, a love story

Starring: Erich Gonzales, Derek Ramsey, Tetchie Agbayani, Epy Quizon, Mark Gil and others

Setting: 1946, just after the Japanese occupation

Genre: Horror-comedy, Love story

There was a couple (Erich and Derek) who were dying to have a baby. You know, Erich was labeled a town slut because her mother was rumored to be one. The fruit never fall far away from the tree, eh? Anyway, she tried hilot and then she devoted herself to a saint (I forgot the name) which took her too long in the mountains hurting herself, praying and almost dying.

Luckily, she got pregnant but unfortunately the child died upon birth. Corazon went crazy. She said that God never loved her, He did not even let her hear her child’s cry. And so she cursed God and the world saying that no other child will cry in her town, she  ate her child’s body (or just the heart) and terrorized and ate every child she stumbled upon. Well, except for one who called her friend ( Sharlene).

In the end because of the undying love, Derek followed her and they both went into somewhere no one else knew.

It was really fun to watch Corazon, not just because of the movie but because the theater was full with so much enthusiasm. There were a lot of people shouting of joy and fear. It’s my second time to watch a Filipino Horror movie in a theater (first was Shake Rattle and Roll 13) which turned out to be very funny that’s why it never scared me at all. I just laughed all away together with Sam. Actually, maybe it was just a defense mechanism for me not be bothered ’cause I have always been afraid of anything horror. (funny, funny,funny, permi panumduma; funny)

The best part and the worst part for me is always about the kiss.

The worst part was the love scene. Or was that a love scene, really? All they did was kiss each other awkwardly for about 3-5 minutes in the movie. As in, I felt disgusted with that; not because of the kiss or because it was a love scene, it’s because it’s not so realistic. Can kisses make you pregnant? I mean, it’s not that I took it so literal but it’s not convincing enough to make me believe.

However, the best part of the movie was when Derek kissed Corazon with a whole bunch of dirt. Yucky. But it was true love, he was never afraid to taste whatever ewwness was that. He was very willing to kiss his wife who went away because of too much frustrations. A lot of people shouted “YUCKK, EWW, INDIIII” of course ako man eh. But the meaning of that kiss is the most valuable part of the movie.

For me, Corazon was a story which one can reflect upon that love has to do with a lot of things like effort, understanding and sacrifice. I wish I could have someone who would fight for me regardless of how pathetic, nonsense and infamous I am. I wish I could have someone who would always find the best thing in me.

Just like that… I like Corazon, not as a horror movie but as a love story.

Corazon poster.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nuelene says:

    Yugs! Haha! I thought it was really horror. Parang tanga kasi yung patalastas.

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Huo te. Hahahaha! Gamay lg gd ang scary, or wala gd. Pero nami man lantawon ah. 🙂

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