the admirer part 2

Okay, so last year there was a guy who sent me a lot of foods and gifts in the dormitory coz he said he was my admirer. His name was Mario and I really think he’s from Camp Monteclaro because first he was really scrutinizing my activism and second I saw him when I went to Bliss (where the Camp was located). The first time I saw him was during Salakayan when he sent me a letter and showed up in front of me while I was with my ex. The last gift he sent was a book about how a young activist realized that being an activist is not worth it or whatever. I really never read everything. And guess what? That gift was given through the daughter of the commanding officer of Camp Monteclaro. Wow? Coincidence? Plan? I don’t know. I’m over it.

Right now, there’s this admirer again. Another one. He said his name is Martin, from Miagao but not from UP. Martin, Mario? Hmmm. Fishy. He said he got my number through my “PMB FELLOWS”. Are you fucking kidding me? I’m not a PMB, they are not my fellows, I got friends from there but don’t classify me as one of them. I’ll curse you!!!

I dunno what’s with these people but can they just stop bothering me? For the information of everybody, I’m not available. So back off, don’t scare me! I hope you could just live peacefully and love or like some other girl who knows you.

Life is a game. This world is not for people who hides behind the shadows of anonymity just to let others notice them, if that’s the case you can’t win life. You’ll be a loser forever.

I’m over being afraid of showing myself if I believe I have nothing to hide. So can you at least be decent and tell it to my face? Tell me who you really are.

I hate this! Really!


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  1. nuelene says:

    Scary. Martin? You know what? That’s the name of the person of killed Eman Lacaba.

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Scary, as in super scary te. Wala ko nalang gani nasapak. the scariest words, YOU’RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AMONG ALL UP STUDENTS THIS TIME. WHAT THE HELL??? Kurog*

      1. nuelene says:

        Waaah! Kuha na to bodyguard gang. Basi i-abduct ka bala.

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