Aliw na Aliw sa ALIWAN*

Okay, let’s disregard the fact that I lost my money a while ago. It’s so unfortunate that my 500-peso bill slipped off my pocket while jogging around Diliman grounds. Eventhough I really need that money, I can’t do anything to have it back. It is so impossible to retrieve it imagining the vast number people around the jogging area earlier.

So I decided to forget about it coz it really hurts me. Yeah, it hurts me so bad.  In lieu, I started reckoning about my happy moments yesterday.

I woke up 9am, get dressed and went to Quirino Grandstand together with Allyn and Raiza to watch Aliwan Fiesta. We arrived at about 1 PM and the show started at about 2 PM. It’s fortunate of us to have found a seat just right behind the VIPs so we really saw everything.

My bets were Dinagyang Festival, Buyogan Festival and Lingganay Festival which all eventually won the competition.

I really love the effects of the Buyogan contigents, the costumes were nice and the bees were so cute. I don’t exactly know the story but I think the place’s name was derived from the bees that’s why it’s Buyogan, Leyte from the word Buyog which means a bee.

Their epic Sto. Nino

Next is also from Leyte, the Lingganay Festival. The effects were so cool and I love the different colors of the flowers and the bells. You know, supporters from Leyte were very enthusiastic. If I am from there, I would be very proud too.

nice bells


However nothing can beat to the pride I felt when Tribu Pan-ay representing Dinagyang Festival performed. People were chanting ” Dinagyang, Dinagyang, Dinagyang” and I wholeheartedly chanted with them. It feels like heaven to be there and see the talented Ilonggos perform and people were like crazy about their performance. Even the host said “Alam mo partner, pag taga Iloilo talaga magagaling ano?” And I was like “Yes, you’re right!”

We left after their performance and we were so satisfied! We know they’re gonna win, coz unlike two Leyte contigents which were only good in effects, Dinagyang showed good dancing routines, good story, good effects and fancy costumes. It’s a total package.

the Butts!
wow! the big eagle float

I am so proud of being an Ilonggo! Hala Bira Iloilo, Sulong sa Pagbag-o!

allyn, raiza and me. vanity.

Btw winners were:

Champion: Dinagyang Festival

1st Runner- Up : Buyogan Festval

2nd Runner-Up: Lingganay Festiva;

Runners Up (pero isa lang yung alam ko at proud din ako dahil taga Iloilo):

Salakayan Festival (refer to Patak ng Pulang Tinta in my blogroll to know more of Salakayan)

*title of my FB album. 🙂


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