My (NOT AN) American Dream

This is a super random post.

A classmate earlier asked me about one thing. She said if I could be able to choose a major war in history in which I could show off my skills in cavalry or whatever, what would it be? I don’t know what made her ask me that weird question but I answered nonetheless.

So after a while of thinking (though my mind’s focused on my crush who was three seats away) I said American Civil War. Well, I don’t wanna be there to fight against southerners though I hate slavery Β but I don’t wanna fight against the abolitionist either. I’m just gonna be there, standing, maybe drinking a soda, watching them battle over something.

You know why? Coz I wanna see how Americans fight against one another. I wanna see how they kill their fellows and how much it hurts them. I wanna know their feelings about winning while losing on the other hand. And afterwards, I wanna make them realize that the wars they initiate today are more or less useless to promote development.

I have this sort of hate against Americans, no not really, not Americans; maybe their policies. I hate how they exploit Third World countries, how they initiate and fund wars for self-interest not taking into consideration the lives of the casualties and other people involved. So long as it fuels the development of their country, they don’t really care.

Earlier, I saw on my news feed that today is the first day of the Balikatan 2012. And it’s one of the issues I really hate about American policies we the Third World countries follow. It undermines our state sovereignty. If they really want to train soldiers to become a better one, why not send Philippine troops to U.S instead and train them there?

America is such a pain in the ass for most countries. As a super power and a hegemon, it’s one of the major factors that hinders countries like Philippines to promote growth and development in terms of nationalizing industries and offering its citizens jobs that are conducive for economic progress. If only we could be away from neo-colonialism then we could build-up useful keys to hamper more self-reliance and genuine independence.

And so going back to the civil war. Hmmm. I’d really wanna see that. I wanna satisfy myself watching Americans at some point of their lives suffer. And I guess that would be a great pay off for everything their system did to this world.


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  1. marilyn says:

    bravo! ang galing ng kuris-kuris mo nak! may sense! wala akong masabi sa americans, i’ve been working in american company, domdoman mo barko ni mickey mouse? grabe ang tuwa mo ng malaman mong sasakay uli ako ng barko, nadapa ka at nasugatan sa kakahabol sa akin, grade 4 ka pa lang noon, about the war, di pa ako natawo sadto, bal-an ko lang si lolo, sundalo sya noon during japanese war kag gahibi gid kami tanan mamati sang kasubo nga ila naagyan mas hate ko ang japanese, spanish sa mga pang-aapi nila sa mga filipino noon.

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Oh. Amo na ma kay sa American companies ka usually ga work so syempre may utang na loob gid kita sa ila. Pero in reality, damo sila gina-exploit indirectly as of the present. Hehehe. Bata pa ko to ya, excited sa mga stuffed toys. πŸ™‚

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