the PBB craze *nakakabobo

I don’t know what’s with kids today but as said by a professor in the movie Easy A, “We think that our thoughts are like diamonds that we post it like a spam on Facebook“, of course that’s not the exact words but kinda close to it. I wonder what’s with us that we love to put everything on Facebook and Twitter. And though I’m one of the criminals, I have biases towards myself. Of course I wanna be vindicated. I want to say that I post my thoughts about almost everything; about love, politics, everyday life, sarcasm and everything under the sun. You can post that too. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’d love to read about my friends’ lives anywhere, I love to know what they do, what they eat and everything.

But lately, I am really irritated of so much PBB Teen live feeds from almost all of my friends appearing on my news feed in Facebook and also in Twitter.  I’m always like “What the hell, amo nalang ni permi?” I have nothing against my friends who keep on posting it but I only have one question, “Wala kamo natak-an?”

Literally guys, people can see it on TV, you did see it, so why post it again? Nakakabobo! If people are interested to know what’s happening inside that stupid house which is also super fake coz it’s scripted and participants are also fake, they can just search it, ask you or whatever. Just stop posting it like a spam coz you’re driving me crazy!

Why not post about politics or the issue of SM butchering trees in Baguio or how your summer class is going on or your vacation in a beach? Gosh! PBB is so overrated! Give me a break!!! (Kahit one night lang, daw inyo lang ya cyber world ya!)

The Bobo Song – Loonie Listen to this or just read. xxx


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  1. erinchoocath says:

    I suggest unfollow those people who irritates you. Freedom of expression. Social networks tend to be a way people could really express what they feel, what they think and you cannot control it, and I think it does not make them ‘bobo’ to post whatever they wan to post. Afterall, its a democratic country.

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      If your argument is freedom of expression, this is also a form of that Cath. I’m posting whatever I want here coz this is my blog and I have the right to do so living in as what you said a “democratic country” And regarding sa bobo thing, I did not say nga bobo ang tawo nga ga-post. If nabasa mo, ang ginsulat ko, nakakabobo nga nalantaw na nila, nalantaw man ka iban, i-post pa gid bisan kis-a la na pulos. That’s my opinion about this kind of thing. Thank you for giving yours.

  2. nuelene says:

    I so agree with you! Always trending na lang ang PBB Teens 4 ngayon. Yikes! They’re so overrated talaga and please, I’m not enjoying every minute of our TV turned on. Kaka-bad trip lang. I mean, they’re still teens and they were acting as if they know everything. Nakaka-alta presyon!

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Tama te. Based on what I read, people are accusing the current housemates as members of this so-called “rotten generation”. Though I don’t really agree with that since every generation for me is rotten, i guess theirs is just worse. Hahaha. By da ah. Damo pman iban nga lalantawon da.

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