5 ways to enjoy your summer

I know a lot of people are now complaining how boring and unproductive their summers are. Though there’s no really such a thing like summer here in the Philippines since we’re a tropical country and the seasons are only rainy and drought. Folks just love to call it summer, me too. It’s like super cool if we call it like that, right? Like we’re nakiki-uso to other countries having four seasons. So feeler us, ya know.

But honestly how could we enjoy this freakin’ long boring days? How could we get over of the insomnia-ic nights thinking what should we do the next day? And the next day too? And the next, next, next effin’ days ahead? You know even if I have a summer class, I also thought of ways to enjoy my day after a 2-hour class. And so here’s my list.

1. Parteyyyyy!

There’s no other way to enjoy like having a party. Last summer I stayed in the city and party at least once a week. I’m not a party girl, not even half a party girl, but it helped me get through my bummer summer. I was with one of my best girlfriends and another friend and we enjoyed so much though I broke my phone and I got broke.

2. Go to the beach.

Like a typical summer, what else would you do? Of course you should go somewhere with a lot of water to refresh you. Despite the fact that I don’t like hanging out in beach coz there’s a lot of bitches and bitch please it’s sort of dirty, you should try it. If you’re like maarte and afraid of the sun, you can try resorts and get a brisk of chlorinated water that will (I dunno if true) whiten your skin.

3. Join Summer Sports Clinics.

This is for the athletic ones. C’mon don’t just play during sportsfest in school, you should show off and improve your skills even after school is done. At least you could practice for your future matches right? Thus, you could be healthy over the summer. Who knows you could have abs after? Don’t worry for those who are not athletic, you could have abs too – abs..olute fats. (hehe)

4. Enroll in a summer class.

It’s not restricted to academics only. You can enroll in an art class, singing lessons, music class and even martial arts. It depends on your forte or your inclinations. This way you can do your thing, learn and have fun as well.

5. Relax.

This is I think one of the best things to do. After all it’s vacation. Summer isn’t ALL fun and games. It can also be a time for resting your brain after all that hard work at school. Go ahead and sleep if you want, watch some television, watch movies, go to places, go shopping, you could take time to write a novel, find out who you truly are, discover the meaning of life, look for true beauty, or have some family time. Now that you don’t have the stressed of peer pressure and studying, you really can. Just do whatever puts you in a calm mood.

You can try these things guys and find out if you could really escape the boredom summer brings. If not, you can sue me libel, for not telling the truth. Have a Happy summer!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. nuelene says:

    Aysus, busy ko subong mag-hibernate. HAHA! Bisan magkadto sa bar, wala gid. Party ta bala before ka magpuli sa Iloilo. HAHA!

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      May work ka na te? Hmm, gusto ko man tane kaso basi mahal di. May parang party ang UP sa Q.Ave resto bar sa Friday. Basi makadto kami kay lapit lang.

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