I am sick

For real.

I woke up yesterday feeling heavy and I wanted to skip my class though I can’t coz it’s our first long examination in Geology. I took a quick shower and went to the College of Science AVR, took my exam and went back to dorm. You know, while I was taking the exam I somehow did not understand everything. It took me a hard time reading long questions and answer sensibly. Maybe that’s the reason behind my passing score. I got 20 out of 40 and it was just the exact number of right answers for me to pass. Jeez! But I’m not disappointed, in fact I’m relieved coz there were lots of below 50% scores.

My test result

Right now, I’m getting better. Not better better but at least I can get up. I skipped my class earlier for the first time coz my head was heavy and my body’s not good.

I hope I’ll be okay tomorrow coz there will be a recording schedule at somewhere in Velasquez St (I still need to find it) coz I signed up for the Philippine Languages Database where I think I would record Hiligaynon words and there will be an exam on Monday.

God help me! Fighting!


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