my reactions to a petty post

Hi guys. In case you are reading this, welcome to my blog. In here you can find my thoughts, and maybe a post that I don’t take a bath during weekends. LOL! But for everyone’s information, this post is about that ewwie thing I read on Facebook about me.

Firstly, guys is it wrong to ask? Opps, that was a question, so do you think I’m wrong? Oppsss. Question again. Sorry can’t help it. But seriously, does it hurt you if someone ask you offensively? Or may be it is just you who think it’s offensive. Does it really hurt bad? Coz in my case, I wont get hurt. Being asked is a form of trust. If you think that person does not believe in you would s/he bother to ask you something and let you clear yourself? In the end it’s your benefit. You let that person know what it is all about as well as you can learn.

So I wanna respond to everything.

To Mr Peter Rapiz : Hi. You know what? Me too. Can’t imagine myself with you in the council. While me pushing for the rights of the masses. Basi ato ka bala abroad increasing the list of your credentials. Thanks for suggesting to improve my hygiene. I was really planning that. Just see you soon. Maybe you’ll be amazed of how fresh I am.

To Aki Heruela: Thanks for reading my blog. Please comment anytime. Let me know how you feel.

To Mr Aivan Cedullo: Mango ko? I know right? Dungan lang ta galing graduate next year.

To Mr Ej Escosia: Kung damo pa mas deserving sa UP, tani gin-give up mo nalang ang slot mo before kay basi may student pa nga maka-graduate 4 years lang bala. Nugon sang slot sakon noh? Simo ya? Ahay.

To Miss Althea Casador: I remember being your VolCorps, and yeah it sucks! Where were you all along? To Dana: Do this, Do that. -Ate Thea. My gosh, tapos hambalan mo ko amo lang na makaya i-process sang utok ko? Tani wala mo ko ginhatagan listahan ka tasks before.

To Paolo Dajay: You know kung nubo sabat ko indi ko kaintindi haw or indi ko kabato? Inaway to haw? Intindiha bi. Nagay saligbat.

To Xerxes Seposo: Now I know. Thanks for the additional info.

To Rachel Leyva and Micah Balag: If supposed PH grads are public workers they should offer a public service and since I’m sick I need that. Gets niyo?

To Sir Padilla: I think you should consider me being a Pol Sci student to view it that way. Why? Coz we’re dealing with the society here, society in general is what we call public that’s the reason why I thought Public Health as something like serving the public moreso government workers. I hope as a professor you could just tell me I was wrong and make it right. You should not have told me I was a member of an underground world or what. As a teacher, I hope you could act professional about this.

To everyone: You know I’m a very open person. I accept almost everything, from gifts to trashes, to compliments and even criticisms. I love that. It makes me who I am and desire for something better. Tani indi kamo nagay balos something personal kay gabalik na kung ano ang pagpadako sa inyo or kung ano ang environment nga gindak-an niyo. Ako libakera man pero nabutang ko sa lugar. Kung mango ko, prove to me nga mas alam kamo sakon. Prove to me nga mas may abilidad kamo kontra sakon. In my 3 years of being a UP student, permi ko lang nahambalan friends ko nga ngaa wala mango sa UP man? Kay na-consider ko sila nga may own capacity in each aspects.

You know nothing can beat attitude, not even intelligence.

God bless nalang sa inyo.

PS: For God’s sake, no anonymous comments please! (if my comment. blee)


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  1. Bebe :) says:

    Idol ta ka bala. Pota. hahahaha πŸ˜‰

    1. Bebe :) says:

      You know what Jordana, keep it up. Sa right path ka te and don’t be afraid. πŸ™‚ May Godbless you always. You are pretty. Swear! πŸ™‚

  2. Jorge Parker says:

    Ngek. Thank you Bebe? Anyway, thanks for that positive comments. Indi man ko perfect pero pati man sila. LOL! Let’s just do something worth it, something better than bringing people down. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello. Good day to you. I would like to suggest a few things you can do to avoid these kinds of mishaps. Number one, please read and reread your status updates before posting them, so you don’t offend anyone and they don’t get to vent out their negative responses on you. I have observed that this very negative vibe then becomes a cycle that wrecks people the longer it circulates. Do not post anything when you’re mad. Take time to breathe in and breathe out. Number two, two wrongs do not make a right. Negative responses to negative comments will just worsen the situation. As you said here in your blog, I believe you are open to criticisms and that you accept anything that comes your way, whether it be trash or praise. Number three, think about the golden rule, or the ethic of reciprocity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Reflect on your past actions before you do or say anything to other people. As for me, I usually take time to ponder on this thought before I respond to criticisms, “Perhaps this is life’s response to something I have done wrong to another person. Or karma’s getting back at me.” These are just suggestions. You may or you may not follow them. After all, everyone has their own way of doing things that works best for them. And I am not in the position to tell anyone what to think or do. But they’re really helpful in my case. I hope this helps you too. I really do. =)

    Angelo Jaiko C. del Rosario
    Blue Rebel

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Hi Mr. Del Rosario. Thank you for letting me know how you feel. About what you said, I did not intend to hurt anyone. You know I was just asking if my understanding of that specific area of study was right and I was corrected after that. I accepted their thoughts and so I thought there was nothing wrong. Please don’t generalize things here coz that was the only status that made things big and made that group of people mock me in your closed group. (As far as I know). Guess what? Facebook is not private after all.

      Two, yeah I am open for everything but I hope you still remember a theory in Physics, ” In every action there is an equal/opposite reaction” so if you are against my post, that was just a reaction. Let’s not forget about emotions here, you know that very well since you’re a Psych major I guess.

      Lastly about the Golden Rule, actually I interpreted it the other way. Maybe they want me to mock them too coz they did it first, right? Maybe they want me to tell something about them too? Maybe this is their karma too, right? If I’m wrong then I wanna tell you something I know, “That’s the way it is in this world. If you wont fight back, they’ll crushed you til you lose.”

      Btw, I hope you could as well suggest that to your group mates since you are closest to them and since they offended me so much more than how my status offended them.

      PS: I was just tagged by someone I do not know and I am not spying you.

    2. Jorge Parker says:

      What a lame justification. You know what Mr. del Rosario, for you to say that what I don’t know wont hurt me only tells one thing, you are in favor of that act. You are in favor of those things those people said about me. Thanks for making that clear now. And as for saying that that someone who tagged me only wants to hurt me, for me that’s not the case. I think that someone was only concerned of the fact that I cannot even defend myself while people are criticising me inobjectively. Perceptions right?

      PS: Tell that to your friends. One of them posted “She’s spying us” Thank you.

      1. Jorge Parker says:

        Now I wonder diin nagkadto ang comment mo? Am I talking to myself now? Hahaha.

      2. If that’s how you see things, then fine. :)) This will be my last comment. There’s no point in arguing when we both know that neither of us want to believe we’re wrong. Thank you for taking time to read and reply to my comments. :))

      3. Jorge Parker says:

        Hahaha. Okay, nice one Mr. del Rosario. I appreciate everything. Really.

  4. materyales pwertes,.hahaha.. idol ta ka jorge:D

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Huya man ko ah. Hehehe. Thanks sa support Kar. πŸ™‚

  5. nuelene says:

    Idol ta gid ka Dana! HAHA! Should I make a post like this? Para naman masabi ko na talaga kung sino ang mga ipokrita sa kabilang grupo na FEELING MAYAMAN na since high school just because she came from an all girls school. Sabihan ba naman ako ng uwak? Nakakahiya di ba? And they’re all too assuming people.
    Sorry na lang siya, ALAM NA ALAM KO ang BAHO nya. Wag syang magkakamaling awayin pa ko sa Facebook, lalabas lahat. YOU KNOW WHAT DANA, WE SHOULD GO GOLFING SOME TIME. HAHA! Wala lang akong sariling caddie. HAHA!

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Ngaa man bi mahadlok ka mabuyagyag ka ngalan nila kung lantaran man ang tago nila nga paglibak simo te? You shouldn’t be afraid, after all pareho malang kamo ineskwelahan. Ano gid ang ara sa ila nga wala sa imo para lapastanganon nila pagtawo mo haw? Kag bisan ara pa sa ila ya langit kag duta, wala sila rights tapaktapakan kinamatarung mo.My gosh, pareho malang ta tanan maupod sa duta kag mapatay, pareho malang ta ginakaon kag pareho malang tanan parte ka lawas ta. Ang kinalain lang, sin-o una mapatay, sin-o ang mas namit ginakaon kag kung kay sin-o parte ka lawas ang gaamat-amat na dunot tungod sa mga toxic thoughts nga gaimpeksyon kag gaubos sang ila antibodies amo na bisan ano katinlo gwa higko man batasan. May ara man ta tanan, palala-lala lang na case.

      Golf ta te, practisan ta na daan. Para alert ta anytime. HAHAHA.

    2. worldaccordingtocarm says:

      sinong kontrabida nangaway sayo te nue? sori huli sa balita hehe

      1. nuelene says:

        Haha! from the batch 2006.

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