ISIP- Philippine Languages Database, a fun experience

After the moment I found out about that eewwie post on Facebook, I really never cared at all. No, not that I didn’t care, it’s just that I don’t want it to ruin my day. In fact I stood up, get dressed and went to Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute. What did I do there? Hmmm. I did a recording session for Philippine Languages Database. I applied as a Hiligaynon speaker and all the while I was just reading Hiligaynon phrases and other words required for me. Actually there were categories like hotels, airport, names, essays, news, etc.

It was a fun experience knowing that in a place like this where I have to speak Tagalog, I got a chance to work with a Tagalog person while speaking my native language. It has became a lot fun when I encountered wrong words and I was like, ” What’s this?”

You can’t blame a Hiligaynon speaker to feel awkward reading a supposed to be Hiligaynon word but turned out to be wrong. We were used to it and reading it the wrong way is not just right. So I was a little bit complaining. I was sorry for the delay coz it’s supposed to be an hour and half but it took us 2 hours to finish even if we skipped almost 50 parts. However, how can a research give a good outcome if first and foremost their data were wrong?

Afterwards I got a 400 pesos compensation. I never thought it would be as much as that since I thought it was just a volunteer work. I applied coz I just love to promote Hiligaynon as a language and if there was a compensation I thought it would be food or token, not money. Anyways, I am very thankful because it helped me with my decreasing allowance. LOL!

If you guys are interested here’s the link :


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