new widgets. fun. fun. fun

I added three new widgets and I’ll be making each a post as soon as possible. (Or not?) These are Currently Reading for of course books, magazines, or e-books; Latest Addiction for anything I’m addicted to like movies, series, music, bands, clothes, brands, anything I want; and lastly the one that interests me most the Flavor of the Month where you can see anyone I’m currently fond of. It could be anybody, a celebrity or just someone I met down the road.

So to start off I’m currently reading The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans. I find it so far so okay. Actually it’s a sensational book however I’m still on my way to the climax.

Next my latest addiction is Detective Conan movies. Yeah, it rocks! It brings out the detective in me.

And my Flavor of the Month is Mizushima Hiro, one of the character in a series I’m watching  Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). He’s so cute and I feel *kilig* everytime he’s smiling. Shhheeeeeeeeeeeet!

You can see these on my side bar. Next time I’ll post my future interests in a separate post. As for now, they’re all here with short descriptions. Hehehe. Tata!


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