Dark Shadows, love it.

I was very enthusiastic to watch Dark Shadows since it starred my ever beloved “Father” Johnny Depp. He is my idol and I list all his movies that I already watched. Well together with other celebrities like Jen Aniston, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Adam Sandler,to name a few. They make me wanna watch a movie, even if I’m scared of horror movies, if they are in it, I’ll definitely watch it.

So earlier I watched Dark Shadows in Trinoma with Raiza, Allyn and Regina. It’s actually a bit costly since its Php200 but worth it nonetheless.

So the story goes this way. (sorry it’s a bit disorganized)

Barnabas Collins (Depp) was a young man living in Liverpool and was cursed by a witch who loved him named Angelique Bouchard (Green). Everyone who gets in the way to get Barnabas is being cursed to death. His parents and his one true love Josette died. When Josette was compelled to jump off a cliff, Barnabas followed her yet he survived. Angel however was up there and finally cursed Barnabas to be a vampire. He was put into a coffin and was buried. After 2 centuries (196 years to be exact), in the year 1972 he was surprisingly recovered through a group of men developing the land.

He came back to his old house and present himself to his cousin Elizabeth who has a child name Caroline (later become a werewolf), found a girl named Victoria who looked like his Josette, and get acquainted to Ms. Hoffman (Psychiatrist), David and Roger and Willie. Soon he found out that their family business is in danger of closing because there is a big competitor which turned out to be Angelique.

They fought and in the end Angelique died.

What I love about the movie is the opening and last quote,

“Blood is thicker than water. It is what defines us.”

In the movie you can see how Barnabas loved his family. He did everything to revived their business despite the fact that Angel is his opponent; he studied witchcraft to avenge his parents. He was never afraid. He, I think, knew Angelique loves her, or atleast adores her coz she never killed him. (He said in the end that Angel’s curse is that she is not capable to love.) He was brave for his family. Though they may have that connection, they know they hate each other. I remember their funny lines:

Angelique: Hello, Barnabas. Remember me? 
Barnabas: Witch, you cursed me to be this hideous creature! You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly! 

Barnabas: You locked me in a box, for over two hundred years!
Angelique: Don’t exaggerate, it was only a hundred and ninety-six.


While Barnabas was living in a modern day life, he fell in love with Victoria. In the end Angel tried to do what she did to Josette with Victoria yet while falling off the cliff, Barnabas bit her and later she turned out to be a vampire too.

I don’t really like their love story. I don’t really love anything about Barnabas having a love interest. It’s an insignificant part for me. What amazed me were the things he did for his family. As he said, “I shall restore the family business to its former glory.”

I love the movie because it’s funny. I love the movie coz it starred Johnny Depp. I love the movie coz its family-oriented. I love the movie coz of its witty lines. I love the movie coz I love 60’s and 70’s music.

I love it.

Btw, Barnabas killed Ms. Hoffman coz she fooled him by taking in his blood to become immortal. She was thrown deep down the sea. However, at the end she was still alive and so that is a sign of a sequel. Anyway, in the series Ms. Hoffman was eventually married to Barnabas. I just don’t know what is the adaptation of the movie.

See you sa Part 2.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    I loved the movie too, and because of Johnny Depp, I now know who Jonathan Frid is. Two amazing actors!

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Well, let’s wait for the sequel soon. Hopefully it would be as good as the first. =)

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