to mom.

For being my mother as well as my father,

For loving me even though we’re not together.

For all those times I gave you headaches

For all the sadness and heart breaks.

For all the smiles we had

For all the cries I got

For every wonderful things

For every good times life brings.

For all the time you’re not there

It didn’t matter as long as you care.

For everything,


For everything.

Happy Mothers Day Mom, wherever you are I’ll always care.

My Mom all over the world, I love her. ❤

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  1. marilyn says:

    thanks, the truth, i am already tired of being the mother and the father at the same time but somehow i have proven to cope up these responsibilities, in good and bad times, in my ups and downs, i always think of this responsibilities, in everywhere i am, i always think of my role with prayers, i don’t want to be faraway because of the 2 of you but i am faraway because of you too, my life is not easy, i am alone because i prioritize the 2 of you, i work at sea maybe because i am not a child of a seaman and the truth we became fatherless at the early age, i work at sea to help my family (brothers and sisters), now, i realized, i am done with them, i should prioritize the 2 of you because you are my 2 daughters, i am your mother and father as well, i will prove, i can make it (to let you 2 finish your studies) though i know, i can never really give a love of a father (that’s my shortcomings), this is my fate and nobody can resist it, i know, i am complete as a woman, as a mother because of the 2 of you but still incomplete, i know, time will come for my happiness too actually you are my happiness, i never mind of my tiredness as long as i give you what you need, never mind sometimes i hurt you, it doesn’t mean, i am giving up, just keep on, just follow my words, be a good girl, study till i can able to support, i never want the 2 of you to experience my sacrifices before, i don’t want others to step on you someday, i know someday, victory is ours.

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