i wont worry my life away

“Life is a bitch, you must learn how to fuck it.”

I know there’s a lot of people worrying about their own life. Sino nga ba ang hindi? Barrack Obama worries what will happen after his political career; Anne Curtis is disgusted coz she can hardly find a time for herself with her busy schedule; you worry about what is gonna happen tomorrow; I worry about how could I get back to Iloilo with only coins in my purse.

Yeah. Life’s like that. Worries everywhere. But as I’ve said, you must learn how to fuck life. It’s simple. Find your most comfortable and best position, put a lot of effort, reach climax and BOOM happy ending. Or not? Sometimes disgusting, maybe not your best position at all. However, you can always relocate yourself.

You must learn to take things easy, we will all die eventually. So what’s the fuss? Are you exempted?

Easier said than done, right? But if you will put your heart into something you really really want and do it your way every single second of your life, you will forget about heart breaking things that bother you. You will forget all the pressures around and just care about your shits. You will then learn to appreciate life.

Life is not a talent show where you must show off to survive, life is a reality show where you can be what you are and bingo, you win. (well, not in most mainstream reality shows, hehe)

Hakuna Matata means NO WORRIES. Just live, don’t complicate life. =)

Ginapanindigan ko  gid ang theme song of the year ko:

The Remedy – Jason Mraz

“I-I-I-I won’t worry my life away, yeahh oooh.”

I’m gonna be happy, I’m gonna survive everything,


as free as oblation.

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