When I was a freshie…

It was our topic the whole time earlier, before and after our Bio exam. We stated a lot of things about us when we were still in first year here in UP Visayas. We also mimic the “When I was a freshie” thingy of the USC Diliman because one of our classmates is a college representative. We were so mean coz when he passed by I said’ “RAIZ, Sakay ta TOKI?” pause and “JOKE LANG”. So maybe may idea na kayo kung sino yun if you watched the video. (Sorry, that was really funny)

So when I was a freshie ano nga ba?

When I was in first year…

-may Freshie Day pa. Free tour around the campus sakay ng tryk.

-Handwritten pa ang Assessment kahit sa form 5

-The first time na nakakita ako nang rally and when asked to join “OK, next time” and yeah I did join afterwards

-During freshmen orientation my grandma was asked “Ikaw Maam ano kurso ng anak mo?” Nanay said, “AMBOT AH, WALA KO GINPAMANGKOT” and I was like “WHHHHHAAAAAATTTT?”

-The only reason I have for taking up Political Science is “I find it interesting” while my classmates were into International Law, Bureaucracy and stuff.

-Tryk was only Php5.oo

-Sino ang hindi nakakakilala kay GIRL?

-I wanted to shift to BA Literature then BS Fisheries then BS Marketing

-I wanted to drop and transfer

-I’m only friends with Raiza, Merille, Dana, September, Darlene and Sherwin. The rest were like acquaintances later became friends

-Whole first year I was like “Who is Manang Maria?”

-I went home every weekend, now every sembreaks nalang.

-I never read nor photocopied any Pol Sci 14 assignment, yet 2.25 hell yeah!

-I was called Celina during our cheering days

-There was no Chancellor nor AS Park only big trees with big dreams. Hahaha.

-We performed in the Oblation Play — not Oblation Run

-Oblation Run was during the night

-I study harder

-Wala pa ‘kong grade na 3.0

-I thought TBA was a building

-I cried so hard when our teacher retired (RIP Sir)

-We were all asked to tell our high school achievements, I said “the only thing I got was Athlete of the Year”

-Defined Theory, Ideology and Philosophy, first day of Soc Sci 2.

-I got a perfect score for our first quiz in Spanish 1

-First quiz of the semester, I got a 5.0

-First long exam, 4.0

-I passed all my long exams except first long in Soc Sci 2

-I thought SAMASA was the only political organization in UP Visayas. Others were like interest organizations only.

-I really thought raising your hand is required during UP Naming Mahal

-the University Week was a lot of fun, street painting, stalls for student orgs, no classes, games in one day plus food

-I’ve never been to CDH until second semester, Heaven’ Bliss until second year and Lola’s until third year, I only ate at ZIPZAPZOOM

– 4×2 = 8×2= 16 pages pa ang bluebook nun. Ngayon 3x2x6= 12 nalang

-60 ang passing sa Math 11 at 59.35 ako, I beg our teacher and yeah that night she announced ” Sige na nga class, 55 na ang passing.”

-I still have a lanyard

-I don’t have a laptop

-I thought the couple A. B and F. M. were like siblings

-I hate Miagao

-Never been to Omp’s, Vineyard and Mang Doming’s

-Redbolts was still a champion

-I got a bruise on my knees after a slide while playing tennis, that night we practiced cheering though I can’t stand, next day cheering competition right after the cheering was semi-finals and yeah I wanted to die that instant

-What I learned from PS 11 is why Malacanang is bigger than a Brgy. Hall (deep sense)

-wala na

-wala na

-sawa na ‘kong mag-isip

-yun na yun =)

So later my stay became a lot of fun and productive. I learned so much from different kinds of people and that made me who I am now. Sana maka-graduate na talaga next year. =)



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