North versus South

It was nearing the end of the second semester 2011-2012 and I was stuck in the dormitory. Bored and almost irritated I went to church to attend the mass coz I think it’s the first Sunday Mass of Fr. Juan- our Parish Priest in Sara for 5 years and now assigned here in Miagao. It was kind of funny coz I remembered him calmly getting angry at us, high school students, coz we were not interested in the mass. Being in a Christian school, we were forced to attend a monthly mass and juvenile as we were, we thought it’s our time to breakaway from daily school routine and instead of listening serenely we talked and made so much fun of each other inside the church. How silly! I was sorry for that.

Anyway going back, I didn’t sleep that night. I get dressed at about 7 am and arrived at 7:30. At the end of the mass Fr. Juan said that he was overwhelmed of the attendance, it was too big to handle. He said “I came from the North and there was so many religion.” Then I remembered one parish priest who said that too, he is from Ajuy who was also assigned in Miagao.

It gave me an idea.

Yeah, what they said were true. In the North there are different beliefs, most people are Catholic but not as many devotees as here in the South. I noticed that people here are religious, some are even ultra-religious and very conservative. They spend almost everything for the church. In the North, the church could even use a little begging for people to give money.

And so these give me additional thoughts. I wonder why the “NORTH” is always more than the “SOUTH”. Ofcourse it’s debatable – everything is, but the things I will write here are according to my observations.

If we will based on what I stated earlier, I could say that Northern Iloilo is liberated from Catholic conservatism unlike the strong traditional belief of the South.

I think it also applies way back during the American Civil War when the Northerners were abolitionist and Southerners would like to preserve traditional slavery.

Look at the Philippines, the Northern parts are “peaceful” while Mindanao is still in the state of “war” or “terrorism”

North American countries are more industrialized than southern ones.

North Korea is more powerful than South Korea. (Don’t contest on this, one move from the North can terrify hegemons)

Santa Claus lives in North Pole, who lives in South Pole? (hahaha. Lame)

There was even a North and South political and economic division of countries where Northern states are said to be “progressive” than the southern ones.

Even in the location alone NORTH is above SOUTH.

And there’s more, I don’t know about the others but just as north is always above the south; I know there are also instances that it may be otherwise.

So, what do you think guys?


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