Ways to survive first sem

Wow! Me? Suggesting things in order to survive the first semester of school? What? Am I crazy? Hahaha. I don’t know. I’m just a little unwell, maybe.

Anyway, guys are you ready for school? If you ask me, I AM! I am more than ready, I am SUPER READY! You can’t terrify a girl who is already on her fourth year stay in this terrifying school. I’ve been through 6 semesters, 43 subjects, about 30 teachers-some are terror, 118 units and 3 years of happiness and pain. What else could hurt me? I can’t wait for the challenges my senior year has to offer me.

So let’s go to the things you need to have/do during your first semester

#1 You need to have SELF-CONFIDENCE. Don’t mistake this for arrogance.  You can’t win a fight if your soul is poor. In the university, those who have the sense of volunteerism survive and those who think outside of the box shine. You could start develop your potential for anything you want if you start your sem with a wide smile and good vibes. You need to be brave enough to handle yourself coz there will be a lot of strangers- transferees, first years and even returning students who did not exist in your world the past semesters.

#2 MAKE FRIENDS. This is one of the important things you should do during the first semester. Friends can help you a lot with your academic and your social life. They could spice up your stay and they could be your company during lost times, sabaw moments and school activities. They can help you stalk your crush or even curse your enemies. But be careful, there are lots of bitches and bastards; snakes and crocodiles around the campus. You should be cautious in trusting any of them coz you’ll never know how a bite from a friend can kill a passionate person inside you. Sabi nga ni Asiong Salonga, “Masarap mamatay sa kamay nang kaaway, pero masakit mamatay sa kamay ng kaibigan.

#3 JOIN ORGANIZATIONS. Orgs are the heart of the university, they are behind every activity that makes our stay enjoyable and memorable. Like your friends, they can help you a lot, even better coz you share the same interest or beliefs especially among fraternities and sororities*. They are the ones who would stand by you til the end. They can help you with your ideological aspects, social aspects, physical aspects and more. You could find whatever org that suits you. There are Political Org, Sports, Anime, Musical, Artist, Theatrical and what not. You just need to find what’s best for you.

These are three major things you should do that could be for your benefit. Well, atleast according to my experience. But if you really want to be forever alone—NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You don’t want to!!! =)

GOODLUCK GUYS! Nice first semester ahead!

*Freshies in UP can’t join Fraternities and Sororities yet.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. aamidala says:

    haha! I would advise the same, too!haha. Not study hard or whatever. make friends lang.haha. :p

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Kung alam sila, alam ngd na sila ya te. Anhun na nila kung la sila friends. Kaluoy man. Hahahaha.

      1. aamidala says:

        hahaha!!! tamaaahhh!!! wala na tuon tuon ah! stock knowledge kag sommon sense lang. haha. :p

  2. Allana says:

    I realized all this the hard way. #1 gid. Pakapalan na ng mukha.
    (Stereotype na ang Dean’s Lister nga wala social life?)

  3. Jorge Parker says:

    Kung may confidence ka, it does not mean nga patay huya ka man. It’s totally different!

    May ara gani wala na social life indi pa Dean’s Lister, teh ano nalang na ya? Hahahaha.

  4. Allana says:

    Yes, pero “pakapalan ng mukha” doesn’t really mean patay-huya.


    Kita ko di sa CPU si Kayla kag si Sigrid. Belated happy birthday!

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Hahaha. Okay ah, now we’re clear here (or I hope so). Hala dira ngd kamo ya dapat? Gamay nalang kami Al. =) Thank you Ms. Delgado!

  5. Allana says:

    Clear sa what? I mean, halos non-existent ang confidence ko sang-una. Nag-Psych si Kayla, Mass Comm ang isa. Chika kami eh. “Ay mayo lang wala na ta to, indi man para sa’ton ang Pol Sci!” ang subject kag recent happenings. Hambal man nila gamay na lang kamo. Pero at least this year na kamo ya graduate (?). Gudlak.

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      Hopefully, 14 nalang kami regular subong ah. Tane indi na mabawasan. Goodluck man sa inyo Al. Fighting!

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