Snow White and the Huntsman

To start this crap, I wonder why Snow White is very popular right now. Last March I watched  Mirror Mirror which is a Snow White story and there is an ongoing TV Series called Once Upon a Time which also focuses Snow White’s life. What’s with her?

I remember when I was in my elementary years, I’ve won character impersonation of her too. Well. Well. Well. Whatever. =)

So earlier we went to Robinson’s Place Iloilo to watch this new Snow White movie coz we didn’t have a class in the afternoon. It was in lieu of Boy Pick-up because we just thought choosing Snow White would be better. But you know, it turned out not so good. I was there watching the movie while catching myself falling asleep. It was the first time that I consciously want the movie to end right away just to make our 120.50 pesos worth it somehow.

I don’t like the movie. It was dragging and you could substitute it as a lullaby if you want to sleep serenely. The story was not so great and the actors and actresses are so-so. I don’t know. I’m not an expert in film technicalities but if I judge it by heart, it is just another mainstream crap which was done to sell and not to tell. You know just like any other movies right now, especially Filipino movies.

One thing I like about the movie however is the side of the queen. You know I noticed that I really like the story of the antagonists in every movie or book I’ve watched or read— like Voldemort in Harry Potter and now the queen here in Snow White. I’m really interested to know the reason behind their “evil” deeds.  Every person is not naturally evil. There are just things that pushed them to the extreme. They are either frustrated, depressed, lonely, and helpless before. They don’t want to be like that forever that they would do anything to lift their status.

I really hate how the society pushes us to be evil. How it defines beauty, wealth, or even being normal. These things are the reason why we want to harm others instead of building good and harmonious relationships with them. It makes us envious, makes us proud and eventually makes us ill-hearted.

I hope one day there would be equity, there would be justice and peace, where society accepts us even if we are fat, old, disabled or even psychotic.

I hope that the society’s slogan in the future would be “COME AS YOU ARE”

Coz by that, all of us would definitely not want more than what we have for we are accepted and loved.


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