One thing that I remember about making mistakes is what Megamind said, “The benefit of losing is that you get to learn from your mistakes”. Yeah, right. “Learn from your mistakes”, “experience is the best teacher”, BLAH I don’t know, such cliches fuck my mind.

I always commit mistakes. I was hurt to the point that I wanna die (fortunately I’m stilll alive) and sometimes it ruins my mode of living. However, being old enough to understand the things I want and I have, I realized that mistakes are the consequences of my choices. These things are normally brought about by my confusions, by my curiosities and sometimes by my conscious efforts to do it.

Actually there’s something that bothers me right now; I have this thing in mind that haunts me. I made a mistake or I don’t know if it was really a mistake coz in my own analysis it was not. There is this voice inside my head* that tells me I was wrong, why did I do it? Am I fucking crazy? Am I ruining every piece of me? But I care less about this now.

Maybe this is just a result of how society shaped me, shaped us. We consider things as mistakes because normally they call it as one.

Well, not for me. It was just my choice and I understood everything I did. I’m cool. Every mistake I make is just normal to me now. I always say, “Charge to experience ah. It’s a choice of DO IT BETTER, or DO IT NEVER”.

Who cares? As long as I know the consequences of my doings, it’s fine with me. I only care about my confidence, my outlook and what will I feel inside me. If I’m fine, I know everything would be fine at the end of the day.

So stay happy. =)

*now there’s a voice inside my head that got me wondring, is it true? I wanna hear it one more time.


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