Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

You now I’m fond of watching movies and I was heartbroken due to the fact that it’s been a month since I have been to a movie theater. And so last Wednesday, we decided to buy 5 tickets, 2 buckets of popcorns, get some drinks and ransacked Robinson’s Cinema.

Actually, I wanna watch Spiderman 4 but my friends were not really into it so we decided to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter instead. It was about Abraham Lincoln’s revenge to the perpetrator of his mom’s death- a vampire. As he was searching for ways to find him, Henry (also a vampire) came to rescue him from the attack of the one who killed his mom. He saved him and later taught him how to kill those devils.

In the process of revenge, Abe saw the pity situation of the slaves in the Southern part of the United States and realized the need for their emancipation. They were made as prey of the vampires. And so it paved way to his becoming a president of the country and later triggered a war which was now known as the American Civil War.

If you have read my previous post, I said I wanna be present in that war to see how Americans kill each other. Yeah, I still want to do that.

But on the view that having a slave is rightful, I don’t think so. It is abominable. Every man should be equal!

Abe’s Mom said, “Until every man is free, we are all slaves.” Yeah, Until all men can do whatever they want, we are all devotees to that thing.

You know every man wants power that would enable them to become higher than the other, to become the authority and to shove their beliefs down others’ throats without contradictions. They would do whatever they want and they have to acquire it. And so until every man is able to use his own will and freedom to pursue power, he is a slave of his desire. He is a slave of the society which taught him that power is the end goal of a man.

We are all slaves. Slaves to our parents, to the society, to our dreams, to our school, to anybody or anything we pursue.

We are all slaves because of our norms and culture. We are all slaves that’s why we need to revolutionize our beliefs and gradually change it to reach social justice and equality. For if we are equal, I know we would not want more and we wont keep on chasing things that would trigger our selfish desires.


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