What I did during my Pol Sci 14 class

I went home that’s why there’s a lot to reminisce. I’ve checked everything I left and found my notebook in Political Science 14.

It was a rough subject, I almost bled literally to comprehend everything. I didn’t understand each reading, I’ve never really read anyway. All I did was to jot down everything our teacher said, those were the things that mattered to me. While scanning my notes, I found some interesting quotes from my professor that I wanted to share.

From T.T.T. :

“Scholarship is to doubt your own knowledge.”

“If you have to struggle, search for your own.”

“To live in this society is living dangerously.”

“Bamboo or Molave?

“We look at the laws as a mean to cover our crimes.”

“Critical thinking is the ability to sort out problems according to categories.”

“Forgiveness is a myth.”

“Agawin natin ang dunong ng dayuhan, pagsilbihan ang bayan.”

“We don’t need to rewrite history, we just need to choose what history books are right and reflect what really happened before.”

“History is multi-perspective.”

“History without politics is simply gossip.”

“You will know the unlocking by reading the unlocked.”

“We become Filipino by reasserting our colonial bondage.”

“History writing is a political act.”

“America and the rogue states…”

15 different phrases that made me skeptical about almost everything. If “is this wrong or right?” or “should I take it literally or should I go beyond the thing I know or I thought I know?”

He was very deep that I could not fathom his thoughts, and I admire him for that. I said I wanna be like him. I want to have his mind.

But now, I don’t know.


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  1. nuelene says:

    I have this kind of doodles too. Haha. But with a different version. LOL

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