Running to save myself

Running away from her is like touching heaven. I am now savoring the freedom I so long wanted. I am now away from a monster who only slaps but never loves. A monster who’ll pull your hair and pinch every part of you. A monster who only cares about money. A monster who only sees the bad but never recognized the thing you’ve done for her.

And though I know it’s gonna be hard to be on my own, I will do the best I can to make it. I will graduate without her, I will prove to the rest of the world that I will not be a failure.

I am alone now, but I am not lonely.
I am alone now, but sooner or later my labor will be paid off.

And if that time comes, I will be the happiest person in this world.

I dedicate this struggle to my grannies and my sister.
Someday I will come back to give you the things she never gave us.
I will come back to love you better cause since then you were the only people who cared and who understood the things I’ve done.
I love you.

Cheers to freedom, cheers to the future.
I ran away, yeah.
I ran away to save myself.


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