As a person searching for her true self, I have lots of interests. Boys, movies,clothes, songs, boys and boys and etcetera etcetera. Including here is flip top.

I’ve been a fan of flip top since last year and I am very fond of some good emcees like BLKD and of course my ultimate crush Dello. I have even try to catch Dello’s gig at SM North though I failed and watched The Avengers instead and I’ve been with BLKD last May 1, 2012’s mobilization from UP Diliman to Mendiola. Whoa! Such events take my breath away. (LOL, still breathing here)

So last night I watched the semi finals of this year’s DOS POR DOS featuring LOONIE and ABRA Team and SHEHYE and SMUGGLAZ Team and Guess What? I found a new installment to my list of idols, a new lyricist, a new poet and a new rhymer.

Everybody meet SMUGGLAZ. Whooa!

Here’s Smug. Congrats TEAM SS.
Hambal ya gani, sa personality kuno mabal-an ang tood nga gwapo. And if so, MAS GWAPO pa sa kay Abra.

From BLKD, Dello and Zaito to Dello, BLKD and Target.

Now my new ranking goes,

Look at how BLKD went from 1st to 3rd. Sorry but I think BLKD’s intellectal elitism can make him stand out from the rest but it would also take away his followers because sometimes he appeals to be arrogant and without humor. I think at some point, flip top is all about how to be relatable and not how to think so deep but at the end of the day it’s a WALEY.

Dello never failed to make me happy. He’s the KING OF REBUTTALS!

And now Smugglaz simply amazed me, he’s smart, funny and easy to understand. IDOL!
To everyone, you can see it for yourselves, just search Smug’s vids on Youtube. =)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. arvin says:

    nice… i’m also a fan of team ss.. cguro maga 10 beses ko ng napanuod ung semis na yan… alam ko this september ung finals.. Team SS vs. Juan lazy and Harlem… sana manalo ung SS..

    1. Jorge Parker says:

      sa pagkaka-alam ko team SS yung champ! nung August 30 yung final! Go Fliptop Philippines!

  2. J-canz says:

    smugg idol sample nman nag frestyle from:C.D.O WDWM

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