just do it

Gone are the days when all I did were to sleep, to eat and to lift my head above the sky and wait for something to happen. Though I missed those days, I can’t do anything as for the moment to bring it back. And so I started to ask myself “Are you happy with that?” “What are you gonna do now?” and part of me answered, “All you have to do is to be strong and to believe that you can do it”.

Yeah, I should believe that I can do this in order to really survive this kind of life. I’m not perfect, I never wanted to be but no matter how imperfect I am I hoped that people will like me especially those who are actually related to me. But no! You can’t expect them to like you, you can’t expect them to treat you right no matter how much effort you invest and so with these I decided to do something better for myself. I decided to finally stand on my own and disregard those people who did their freaking best to bring me down.

I know people may think pitiful of me, but they can never fathom how happy I was to finally get out of the cage, to finally break free from an evil monster. The monster may be included in almost all of my recent post, but who cares? I would be grateful everyday for the courage the divine entity had given me to get out of a miserable company, to get out of a storm.

And now even though it’s really really hard, I managed to come this far. And I will still continue to do my best to reach the end of the road victorious.

So help me God.


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