spidersense, again.

Here we go again, spidey fun facts everyone. Hahaha.

* Peter’s full name is PETER BENJAMIN FITZPATRICK PARKER. He was given the name Benjamin in honor of his Uncle Ben.

*His father Richard Parker was a captain of te US Army Special Forces and was eventually recruited to work for the CIA by NICK FURY

*Peter’s Mom Mary Fitspatrick was daughter of WILD WILL FitzPatrick, an agent of strategic services. Marybecame a CIA translator and analyst.

*After Uncle Ben dies, Aunt May dated Dr. Otto Octavio or Dr. Octopus. Later on, she marries John Jonah Jameson, the father of Peter’s greatest critic, Daily Bugle Editor-in-chief J. Jonah Jameson

*Spidey has befriended other NYC heroes like Daredevil. Matt Murdock has been like a mentor to Peter, he even joined him swinging around NYC to et the bad guys.

*Peter has a thing for bad girls too. His one of the most celebrated romance was with super-villain THE DANGEROUS FELICIA HARDY (A.K.A THE BLACK CAT)

*Spidey’s web can be weaved into different forms like a shield, a clucb and a hand glider wing.

*The only weakness of Spidey’s senses is the inability to detect the alien symbiote surrounding carnage and venom.

*Peter idolizes billionaire industrialist Tony Stark a.k.a IRON MAN. Since Tony is a scientific genius. a science geek like Peter looked up to him, at one point, Tony even made a specialized armor to Peter called the IRON SPIDER.

Watch out for more soon. woot. woot!


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  1. Mugen says:

    I think that it is a great move for Marvel Comics to put Venom as a hero on the streets of Philadelphia. I think that Venom has earned his own comic series and it also gives a great opportunity to allow other Marvel heroes and villains into his comics as co stars. Actually Venom should of had this opportunity years ago since everyone knows who he is. I am just not sure about the machine guns though. Does the new Flash Venom really need them in his hands?

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