my sports side

I’ve been playing some games in life, yeah true, but I have a little bit passion for sports too.
Been playing basketball, ping pong, badminton and even soft ball back in high school. I also played tennis and join the Congressional District Sports Association Meet in the province of Iloilo since I was 12. But you know, sports is not my life that’s why I never did so great. I only got a bronze in the Integrated Meet (Iloilo province and Iloilo City Meet) last time I played.

Now in school, I played a little bit too. But I only play during sportsfest. No practice, instant game. I love playing coz it gives me the opportunity to lose weight, but I hate it coz I’m sort of competitive. I don’t like losing, so it gives me frustrations most of the time. HAHAHA. But it’s okay, after 5 minutes I’m fine.

This year we got 3rd place, and that’s quite enough! KUDOS to my team mates JINKY and PIA! Tani may next year pa! =)


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  1. nuelene says:

    You play tennis? Baw, bal-an ko mga terms dira kay ko Prince of Tennis. Haha!

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