“Looking for the right track, always on the wrong track.”

Or whatever. What is right or wrong anyway? Where should we really go to find a pot of gold or to reach heaven? Where should we go to reach hell if we want to? Asking for what I know? I DON’T KNOW! I have no idea.

You know we people always tend to complicate things and we tend to ask a lot of questions we don’t even know how to answer. We do this, we do that and end up asking ourselves “Why?”

I hate it when I do things good for me but people thought bad about it.
Like, what the hell? Are you even part of me?
Do you really even care?

I’m on the right track and no matter how hard you throw things on me,
I’m gonna rise up and find heaven soon.

I’m gonna be good enough to prove you wrong,

so shut the fuck up!


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