On cybercrime law

First of all, fuck you!

You can sue me after posting this but I don’t really want to limit my internet freedom. Who wants to be grounded?

Thoughts Thoughts. Thoughts.

*I wonder why cybercrime law was easily approved when there are actually bigger issues threatening our country. The government can’t even give genuine agrarian reform to the 99% of the Filipinos, they cannot even protect women by passing the Reproductive Health Bill and how about employment and the worsening poverty in the country? My gosh! Get a life bureaucrats! You should be dealing on how to improve the life of an ordinary Filipino, not how to improve your credentials by sponsoring and supporting such a law.

*Okay fine. Cybercrime “protects” cyber human rights, but libel? What happened to free speech now? So if there’s something wrathful about the system, we will just shut up and never let them hear what we feel? This is so unjust, as citizens of our country we must also serve as watchdogs to the government activities, but how can we do that if they can just easily imprison us? Sorrows.

*This is a manifestation of how politicians use their power to protect their interests. Laws are made to benefit the society, but who can benefit for the libel clause? Well of course, its proponent. I hope HE would just resign and get a life too!

In the end it’s time for us to be vigilant with what is happening to our government. Let us assess our representatives if they are really representing our interests or not. Elections 2013 is fast approaching and by being able to pinpoint credible and trustworthy persons in office, we could avoid leeches who wanted to get the best out of us.

Let’s do our best to get out of this rotten system where crocodiles are everywhere.

I do not own this photo! But I support this!
Junk the cybercrime law in its current form!

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