de-ba-te. de ba ate?

I’m not a fan of debate. I mean the competition where you follow certain processes and argue with your opponents. I actually hate it. I hate how you argue about this-and-that because of this-and-that even though you don’t actually believe in that this-and-that. I hate how you tend to shove your beliefs down each other’s throat just to defend your point. Ultimately, I hate how at the end of the day that will be just a debate, no action required. Purely theoretical. I’m like, SO WHAT’S THE POINT OF THOSE FUCKIN’ ARGUMENTS?

That’s why I never joined debate teams. Aside from the fact that I’m not good in speaking, I sometimes find it hard to organize my thoughts. I’m not an expert of the English language for once and for all.

After facilitating the National Debate 2012, my thoughts are still the same, but I got to appreciate the field. I learned that it’s more of like a mental exercise and it aims to develop critical thinking through different issues presented. It also aims to measure one’s versatility in tackling wide range of political, economic and social issues.

In short, I think for you to become a debater (At least according to what I observed) you just need intelligence and a good public speaking skills. If you have that, then you’re in (or not? depends on your dialect, dapat kase english. hahaha)

Btw, congrats to the winners! (pati karon pa ang ending. hehe)

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