I choose to graduate

This is my sample file in our first computer lab exercise. *crossedfingers*

Jordana Mari Jaco
BA Political Science-Management

I choose to graduate

I choose to graduate. No matter how hard it is, I will stand on that stage wearing my Sablay and clenching my diploma. I choose to graduate and be one of those people bragging around because of the fact that they survived the most excruciating part of their lives – college. I choose to graduate and be among the boastful students who finished their education from the only national university. I choose to graduate because I earned it. I choose to graduate because I know I deserve it.

You know it has been a struggle for me to be here in the university. The first time I entered the portal of this institution was the day my eyes were opened to the reality that awaits me. A harsh reality that the academe is hard to enter but harder to surpass. I saw new faces. I learned new languages. I met new people all over the country. And for that I was intimidated. I felt out of place.

I was intimidated by the fact that I was just a girl with a big dream from a small town. I was not among the students from a well-known, high caliber institutions like science high schools, exclusive schools or what not. I was just a girl from an unknown municipality who wanted it big time to be here in the university. And so from that day on I promised I would be better. I would do well in school and I did not disappoint myself.

I’m no honor student but I passed all my subjects. Living in the university is not a matter of intelligence, it’s a matter of persistence.

That’s why I was overwhelmed to be a graduating student. I am doing my best to comply with all my requirements because my mind is set to graduate. I choose to graduate.

But what bothers me is the fact that I don’t have any idea what’s waiting for me after school. If my plans will be materialized, I wanna be teacher. I wanna teach people what I know. I wanna inspire them like my teachers did to me. I don’t know where but my heart is somewhat set to be a teacher here in the university. I know it’s hard because it’s a top university and I’m not that good enough but who knows? Maybe I could be like one of my brilliant professors someday. Maybe I could choose to be brilliant and that would become of me. Maybe I could earn my masters abroad too. Maybe I would earn a Ph.D too. Nobody knows. It’s just a matter of perseverance.

It’s not our abilities that define us, it’s the choices we make. It’s as simple as that. No buts, no ifs. Just choose what you want to be and that will happen.

That’s why when I say I choose to graduate and I wanna be a teacher, I will and I can. ###

cheka minute. haha


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