petra is love

Okay I realized that I should talk about her here because I just saw her Amalayer video and it’s freaking funny.And yeah, I love her.

I love Petra Mahalimuyak. I saw her videos years ago about how to put on some make up. At first, I thought she’s weird because of her Filipino accent but then I realized that it’s not. It’s reality. Most Filipinos speak like that. Why so ashamed? Be thankful you could speak English, don’t act to be perfect by criticizing her choice of accent. So what? At least she’s real. (Though I know it’s not her true accent)

My favorite video of hers is the Teach me How to Dougie tutorial. Shez! It’s funny and I like her routine, well, I don’t know how to dougie. Hahaha.

I love you petra and I’m looking forward for more videos! I hope for your success!

Some of the videos I like.


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