14 reasons why i don’t have a boyfriend on valentines day

Here’s the thing, Valentines day is coming and you can be either in love or not. When i say ‘in love’ here i mean that you have a partner, not love for your parents, for your country and for yourself (gahhhh don’t be such a selfish bitch). I know I posted on Facebook that valentines day is totally racist against single people. But whatever. It’s still Valentines day and whatever negative things you say about it is definitely out of bitterness. (i know right?) So yeah this Valentines day I’m gonna be on the Team Bitter because I don’t have a partner (what a revelation) and I’m gonna celebrate Valentines day alone (without a guy partner but not alone alone) and here are 14 reasons why:

1. I vow to have an Independence Year. No more dramas, no more fucktards around.

2. I decided to love myself a little more (or actually I want a break from so much foolishness these past years)

3. I want to be young wild and free

4. I don’t wanna be stuck with someone who is probably thinking of getting married as early as this. Entering adulthood means people around me are starting to think about the future and I’m not yet ready.

5. My friends are all single, I am sensitive to their status so I’m gonna be selfless this valentines day by being single too. You’re welcome friends.

6. I don’t have a stable financial status now. I usually do the spending because i don’t want my guy to have the burden of getting me what i want that’s why as much as possible i take the initiative to pay. But now, I’m broke so I can’t afford to have a boyfriend.

7. I want NO distraction months before graduation.

8. I don’t want to settle for someone I don’t really love just to have a date on valentines day. I want gifts, yeah, but not a relationship.

9. Valentines is overrated I can celebrate it anytime I want

10. Campus elections is coming and POLITICS is far more interesting than LOVE. If you know what I mean.

11. February 14 is One Billion Rising Launching so I’m gonna DANCE, STRIKE and RISE instead of SIT, FUCK (?) or BE AS COLD AS ICE

12. I’m on my way to completing 3% of the books in the list of 1001 books to read before you die and I don’t have enough time to fool around anytime soon

13. I have a deal with my friends to get wasted on Valentines Day so I’m gonna be with them first.

14. The one I really really want to be with is a stupid fucking retarded bastard who keeps on chasing bitches who don’t actually care about him. So I think as long as he doesn’t see me and my heart is not giving up yet, my valentines would always be a Valentong Day.



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